Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Rosanna Barr | Newborn and Family Photographer

When we are surrounded by beauty in our lives and we see the beauty in the sunsets and moon rises, I am inspired everyday to capture those moments. As a photographer I am able to capture the moments that mean so much to me and my family and to those of my clients. From the day we get married to the birth of our children, and many other moments occasions in our lives, I get to stop time and share those moments with my family and the families that I connect with in my business. Life is fleeting and photography gives us the chance to keep our memories alive. with the advance of technology I am now able to create an image that is only in ones imagination and to share those images with those that follow me on social media and elsewhere. The artistic community has become so much more connected in so many ways that we can share the beauty of the world and the people in our world so freely now. Read more>>

Qiurui Du | Artist

To me, art is a way to tell stories and create imaginary worlds. Growing up as an introverted child, I always like to observe my surrounding environments. When I see something interesting, I immediately would picture a scenario and create a story in my head. Maybe daydreaming is not a bad thing as other people have told. To use my daily experiences as inspirations, I create corny scenarios with bright colors to bring viewers into an illusionary dimension, where reality and imagination have been combined. There are many great modern Chinese artists, such as Yue Minjun, Zeng Fanzhi, and Zhang Xiaogang. Those artists grew up in a sociality that was heavily influenced by Communism and Maoism, and the “red symbols” always play a big part in their artwork. However, I grew up after China’s “Opening and Reform policy”, my life experiences are different from those of artists. Read more>>

Saverio | Gondolier

I’ve always gravitated to jobs that don’t feel like work. One of the first jobs I got right out of college was working as an instructor for the United States Adaptive Recreation Center at Bear Mountain Ski Resort in Big Bear Lake. I spent my days outside, on skis, helping people with disabilities have fun on the slopes. I absolutely loved it, and it never felt like work. Running my own business means I have the power to create a job that doesn’t feel like work for myself and my staff. We’re all working together to bring something really special to San Diego, but it doesn’t feel like work most of the time – we’re outside, we’re rowing gondolas, we’re bringing romance to the world one couple at a time… what’s not to love? Running a unique business like The Gondola Company means I spend my time bringing joy into our guests’ lives. I love that. Read more>>

Katie Kindness | Senior Web/Product Designer

Growing up, I was always finding new and unique ways to be creative. Whether it was painting murals on my bedroom walls, or building tree houses with my brother in the woods next to our house. I have always sought out new ways to bring art into my life, even to this day. From a very young age my mom, who was an artist in her own right, sat me down and taught me everything she knew about drawing and painting. I owe a lot to her, in terms of my future career, as she was the one who first set me down this path! My career was not always going to be creative though, at first I went into business school in college, which I did love, but it wasn’t fulfilling to me. A friend of mine introduced me to his graphic design courses, and I immediately fell in love with the art form, and still to this day absolutely love what I do. Read more>>

Jocelyn McDaniels | Founder of Bernadette River

I chose a creative career because it is really the only thing I can do. I know that’s not exactly awe-inspiring, but it’s true. I was lucky in realizing young that art was the only avenue that would really fulfill me. I found that no matter what task I was assigned, my mind would inevitably travel to some story to tell or some picture to take. Artistry makes the world tangible to me, so art is what I do. Read more>>

DAAS | Public Artist

I knew from an early age, that I was happiest while making art. Of course, as a child, I had no idea about what a job as an artist entailed but, nonetheless, I persisted and really began to focus on a creative career during my time in Graphic Design school. I’ve always felt most comfortable working for myself and having the freedom to pick and choose which projects I take on. Read more>>

Christopher Chain | Photographer

I’ve always loved creating things. The process of making something has always been a stress reliever for me. Rather it be art or photography, seeing the final product always makes me happy. Read more>>

Whitney Shay | Recording Artist – Songwriter – Performer

I feel fortunate that I have always known what I wanted to do with my life. I started singing as soon as I could talk, and told my mother that I wanted to be on stage when I was only 3 years old. I continued on this path studying in Theatre at San Diego State University, before forging a path into the music industry (where I’ve made my living the last 10 years). Performing is what gives me joy, and connecting with people through music is something I am blessed to get to do for a living. Read more>>

Tiffani Wells | Vegan Chef & Recipe Developer

I’ve been an artistic and creative person my entire life. Since I was a kid, for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved both art and music. I always considered these passions as hobbies, however, because I didn’t find it practical to seek a career in the arts. As I grew into an adult, I seldom found the time anymore to pick up a paintbrush or sit down at the piano. I had children fairly young, at age 20, and I worked full time in restaurants. When I wasn’t working, I was taking care of my home and kids. Well, everyone has to eat, and because I was the one making our meals, cooking (which I wasn’t experienced with yet) became my new artistic outlet. I fell in love. Once I saw the opportunity to turn my passion into a career, I went for it. In all honesty, I owe it to my husband and my friends. They have always had faith in me, in what I do, and have continued to push me forward towards accomplishing my dreams. Read more>>

Julia Sage | Songwriter/Musician, Photographer, Artist and Healer

Being creative is an intrinsic part of my being. If I’m not creating something, be it art, music, photography, etc. I feel like a big piece of life is missing. It’s my main way of expression and it is how I give a bit of myself to those around me. Read more>>

Chris Cott | Artist

I was lucky enough to have a little talent and met a man, Lee Puckett , that mentored me and gave me the skills and confidence needed to pursue a career outside of the cubicle norm and be my own boss as a result. Read more>>

LBL Lash by Lash | Sole Owner & Service Provider

It pursued me and I was indeed interested. I fell in love with the ever evolving beauty business. It deserves to be mentioned I was interested in some of the many same things my clients were. It just made sense to follow a passion we could create relationships around together. Read more>>