Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Robert Leath | Husband, Father & CEO of AirPoint Heating & Air Conditioning

…It’s scary. Risking all you have worked up to, all you know, and to have everything you have worked so hard for gone in a matter of a bad situation is frightening. I was in the resturant industry up until the point of starting my HVAC career seven years ago. Every night I never knew what i was going to make… Read more>>

Garrett Riker | Content Creator

Risk comes in all forms. For me risk has always come down to either working for a brand or working for myself. Working for yourself is definitely more rewarding if you stay tough through the hard times. I choose risk for the reward every time. Read more>>

Nicklas Brandrup | Co-Founder

Taking risks has never come natural for me. It is not something I enjoy doing often and I do not feel that I am particularly good at it. However, there is a mindset that I am working on that I believe is helping me to make strides with risk in my life and business. Read more>>

Morell Brown | International Singer/Songwriter/Actor

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be a singer. But, I didn’t have the resources to promote myself or pay for recording services. When I was in a very dark place in my life and considered leaving music entirely, I was contacted by a mutual friend who was adamant about me recording a demo for his colleague. I wasn’t given much information and I was hesitant about doing it. Read more>>

Anjan Sachar | Beauty Editor, Curator & Brand Consultant

Risk taking has a lot to do with your gut and how it helps you make decisions. Often, your body shows you the right direction. If something doesn’t feel right, your gut will tell you. I’ve taken plenty of risks in my life, moving from one role to another, giving up on jobs that felt safe at a time, to pursue more, try something different. Read more>>

Lori Woldt | Creative Jewelry Maker – Entrepreneur

As I’ve gone through life, I’ve never thought of myself as a risk taker. But as I get older and look back I realize I spent a good part of my life taking risks! In deciding to start your own business, I feel it is an immediate risk, risk of losing money instead of making money, risk of not being able to pay basic expenses, risk of not knowing if you or your product will be accepted, risk of failing and having to search out a new plan B. The list can go on. Read more>>

Jason Minnig | Land and Ocean Photographer

With any business there are inherent risks. When taking pictures in the ocean, there are many factors that can be challenging at times. You are constantly looking at tides, swell directions, mapping out rip tides and dealing with the wildlife in the ocean. Read more>>

Laurence de Valmy | Artist and art teacher

I tend to be a risk averse person. Still a few years ago, I decided to take the leap and dedicate myself to art that I was practicing for myself. I had moved from France to the USA and knew no one in the field. It was a risky decision but I thought the opportunities at hand were more attractive than not doing it. and I would do it again… Read more>>

Sebastian & Kristine Rodriguez | Creators/Producers for Ninth Island Connection

We believe that anyone who starts their own business of any kind is taking a risk. There’s certainly the financial risk, but also the risk in creating something that becomes successful. We both worked 9-5 jobs, Sebastian in sales/marketing and Kristine as a mental health therapist. Read more>>

Kira Giannoni | Graphic Designer & Candle Maker

Taking risks is the most important thing you can do in your life. Without taking risks, you won’t be able to excel and succeed in achieving your life goals. From traveling Southeast Asia/Australia alone at 22 to moving to California from the East Coast at 23 to starting my own small business on top of having a full time job at 27, my life has been full of risk taking and I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking risks. Read more>>

Kelly Dawson | Writer, Editor, and Media Consultant

This sounds funny, but I enjoy taking risks — I think it’s the only way to see what I’ve made of, and on the flip side, to perhaps let others know my capabilities, too! When I’ve taken risks, I don’t necessarily see them as entirely negative. They can be scary, but I think the alternatives are usually worse. I’d rather be scared than frustrated, bored, or the most awful of them all, regretful. You know, as long as I don’t die. Read more>>

Temo Ochoa | Occupational Safety and Health Profesional

Its a very interesting topic when one speaks of risk taking in life and career. In my life, coming from a very humble up bringing where I was always told to appreciate what I had and to never risk losing what I worked so hard for and losing it all was not an option. Read more>>