Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Christen Johnson | Personal Stylist and Style Biz Coach

Risk taking plays a huge role in my career as a Personal Stylist and Style Biz Coach. From just wanting to gain experience and landing my first internship to actually registering my business with the state and quitting my job to pursue my styling career full-time; I would say that I’ve been taking risks since the beginning. Read more>>

Cassidy Kmetz | Fitness & Lifestyle Influencer

I truly believe that without risk, you’re settling for mediocrity which leaves no room for growth. And the driving force behind risk-taking is the fear of failure. But to me, failure is what builds character, expands the mind, and leads to the greatest ideas. Through risk-taking, I’ve failed a thousand times over. But all it took was that ONE risk that turned into a win and brought me to where I am today. Read more>>

Carlos Castanon | Owner

Any endeavor that you take in life will come with some risk. The important thing is that you have a clear purpose. Having that, you’ll see risk with a different perspective. Read more>>

Ben Cidre | Photographer & Videographer

To me, risk is synonymous with opportunity. When I take a risk, I’m usually striving for something that I haven’t received or completed yet. There is always a danger or failure but there’s usually a proportionate reward if you’re successful and it pays off. Read more>>

Jason Simpson | Coffee shop owner/operator

I wouldn’t consider myself a risk taker but my business coach reminded me that I wouldn’t of opened a business if I wasn’t a risk taker to some degree. I guess I have always thought of risk taking as jumping in without regard to outcome, possibly driven by some fierce passion or calling. Read more>>

Stacie Vanags | Urban Farmers, Regenerative Gardeners, Ocean Activists

My husband Chad and I have generally always been risk takers, long before we met as we navigated our single lives, but also collectively after we got married. Traveling to third world countries to explore, jumping out of airplanes, switching careers, trying entrepreneurial ventures etc. Read more>>

Devin Codina | Outdoors enthusiast and Natural Landscape Photographer

When I think about risk I view it as a challenge, and challenge to live. Taking risks allows me to prove to myself how passionate and how far I am willing to go to fulfill and achieve the things I am after. I believe that without risk, things tend to be subpar. One of my favorite quotes I live by is “If you live an ordinary life, all you’ll have are ordinary stories. Read more>>

Kim Creekmore | Entrepreneur

Risk is necessary for an entrepreneur, it doesn’t require you to put everything on the line; except your time, money, sanity, and your relationships. Read more>>