What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Jocelyn Taitingfong-Camarillo | Elopement & Portrait Photographer

Work life balance has been an evolving schedule I’ve learned to create through trial and error. I thought I could maintain the Corporate America schedule that my family was accustomed to: working 10 hours a day and having my daughter in daycare for that duration. After taking time to reflect on my productivity and my high demands for work, I switched around my schedule and created boundaries so that I still have family time, and my own self care. Instead of having my daughter in 10 hours of daycare, I have her at home with me now, and do my consultations via Zoom or over the phone. I’ve worked hard to incorporate being an entrepreneur and a mother into my brand, and my clients are aware that my daughter will be around me if not sitting in my lap during my calls. I feel like she’s the best ice breaker! Read more>>

Anndrea Boren | Wedding Coordinator, Designer & Mom

Finding balance in life is one of the most important things a person can do. Not just in work, but in diet, in lifestyle, in all of the choices we make. Every single choice we make has a consequence whether good or bad. When I first started my event coordination company, it was so that I could be a stay at home mom and still have a creative outlet by doing what I love. I didn’t have a lot of work initially and social media wasn’t as big of a deal back then (boy I sound old! HA) so I didn’t focus very heavily on marketing and just took what came in via word of mouth, etc. As my business started to grow, as the need for social media presence increased, my time definitely got squeezed more so in the direction of grow, grow, GROW. As my business started to grow my self care and family time diminished which also affected how well I worked. Read more>>

Carlos Foster | Creative Manager

I feel like the perfect work-life balance is constantly evolving with whatever stage your life is in. When I was starting my career in video production, I just wanted to be on the road, filming wherever they’d send me. So, back then, the balance was more heavily weighted towards just doing the work, and I while I did see and experience much, I also missed out on a lot back home. As we grew our business, I started to find more of a middle-ground between working on productions and enjoying my free time with family and friends. Now, being married with a toddler, I do what I can to lean the balance more towards my family time, with less time spent at the office, or on shoots. Even before the pandemic and lockdown, I was already working more from home, taking more breaks, and finding ways to delegate what we could. Read more>>

Jamie Hall | Photographer

Work life balance is and will continue to be a struggle. When I first started, it was all work, no play. I quickly became burnt out realizing that I needed to get activities I enjoy back into my life. It wasn’t healthy working all the time. I am not living life just to work, as much as I love photography and want I do. The hardest thing I struggled with, even still, is saying no. When you start your own company, money is a huge factor and stress in your life. Saying no to a gig means, you don’t get paid, but I also can’t work 24/7. As time passes and my company grows, I learn and find ways to make my life more of a priority, creating a better balance with work. It will never be perfect. It’s a working progress. Read more>>

Kelsey O’Brien | Gallery Operations & Marketing

Getting the work-life balance right is an art form. Though the idea of owning your own business, setting your own hours and having more flexibility sounds wonderful, the line is almost always gets blurry. It really does take a conscious effort to make sure those blurred lines don’t create problems for your family life and your sanity! As the work never ends when you are running a small business, it is harder than I realized it would be to “turn off” and check out at the end of a day. This is even more of an issue now that many of us are working from home. I have realized that setting hours as if I am clocking in and out is one of the ways that I can be sure not to encroach on family time. Read more>>

Erika Morse | Aspiring Author/High School English Teacher

Ahhh, balance. I wear many hats in my life, so balance is very important to my sanity. I have to exercise even if it’s just a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. I also love spending time with my family, of course, but really need my friends. I have a great core group of friends who keep me grounded and inspire me to keep dreaming; they play a large part to feeding my soul. Finding time to write can be really difficult since I work full time and have two boys (13 and 10). Luckily, I have different chunks of time off due to being a high school English teacher. That being said, I often will get ideas in middle of the night for my stories, so I always keep a pen and pad handy, or I type it in the notes on my phone. Over time balanced has changed quite a bit due to different events in my life. I have learned that I have to say “no” sometimes. It can be very difficult to tell people “no,” but it’s also very freeing. Doing something out of obligation doesn’t feel good to me, so I don’t do that anymore. Read more>>