We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Crosby Roper | Owner and Operator/ The Hole in the Wall

I want my legacy to be that of understanding and compassion. That is what The Hole in the Wall has always been about. Since this place opened it has always been a place where, no matter who you are and where you come from, if you can sit and order a drink, carry a conversation and not act like jerk, you are welcome. There is so much divisiveness and bickering nowadays. It’s in the schools, the news, and in the government. If we took the time to actually listen to one another and understand each other’s perspectives we might actually be able to gain some ground. I view my bar as a means to do just that. I want it to be a platform where people can get to know one another behind the labels of society. Read more>>

Gary Seiler | Singer Songwriter

People! Making people feel better. The music business isn’t about the musicians or the band members. It’s about the people. Everyone gets to a place in life where they need something positive to help them forget about the bills they need to pay, their car problems, family issues, health concerns and so much more. When I’m performing I’m always trying to read the crowd to find out who this thing I do can bless for a few minutes. When I see smiles on their faces I feel like I’m doing something spiritual for this world. My wish for any legacy I may leave is that someone’s life was made better, even if only for just one evening. People are everything to me. Read more>>

Pearl Preis | Artist and photographer

If I could leave art pieces behind that have my name on it that people know and love and shared with their future generations because it was something that was special to them, that would be enough; whether it be in a fine art photo piece, a children’s book, or a painting. To have a large piece of art mounted somewhere as a permanent installation, in a building or something large and public to share with the world, well then that would be some badass legacy stuff right there. Earnestly, my children are my legacy. A brilliant man that I love, and I, have created three wonderful beings; they have our heart, philosophies, talents and memories to pass along to future generations. To be a creative spirit, a mother with a mission, a caring friend and a positive force in this world are ways I would like to be remembered and I hope to leave those personal legacies behind for others to feel even though my name is no longer remembered. Read more>>

Kyle Harrop | Brewer, Owner

I want to be remembered as somebody who constantly pushed boundaries and changed people’s perception of beer. I want people to drink one of my beers and be at a loss for words. It is not going to be for everybody, it is still very niche to this day, but I want them walking away from the experience thinking they have never had anything like that before. I set out to make beers that have never been done previously, whether it is using a particular fruit for the first time, procuring an oak barrel nobody has aged beer in before, using coffee that costs a thousand dollars a pound, or putting a thousand pounds of coconut into a small batch of beer. I am one of the first people to brew “Pastry Stouts,” especially here on the left coast. It is pretty comical thinking back just a few years ago and how daunting it was introducing that newer style of beer to the land of world class West Coast India Pale Ales. Read more>>