We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Rochelle Sunglao | Hairstylist, Colorist, and Educator

Pursuing an artistic career came to me after having an emergency surgery when I was 20 years old. Post surgery, I had to take a leave of absence while attending SDSU. During that time, I was dealing with a lot of emotions. I had my first major medical scare, and I questioned so many things about my path. It ultimately came down to two questions, “Is this path going to sustain and fulfill me? Who am I really doing this for?” The first answer was an easy no, the second answer was something more complicated. Read more>>

Lizzet Reyes & Karen Cosme | Co-founders of Riant Soul Event Co.

Liz: Growing up I was always the “artist” of the family. If it involved being creative, I was doing it! Drawing, painting cooking/baking, singing, interior designing my Barbie’s dream house. All through high school I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, then in college I ended up focusing on art design and graduating with an emphasis in photography. I then married my high school sweetheart, became a young-ish mother and focused on raising babies… Read more>>

John McCrary | Photographer & Materiel Stock Clerk, MTA

Once upon a time, i was a concert promoter in Los Angeles, working to help develop local bands in the heavier music scene, as well as offer touring bands a place to play regardless of the size of the band, or style. I did this for 16 years, and when that came to an end, i was left without an outlet to create, build, and showcase my work ethic and creative skill. Read more>>

Keivonyea Blackmon | Branding Manager

I pursued becoming a Branding Manager because I always had a heart for helping people & seeing their potential. I have always been good at pin pointing & helping build people into the best version of themselves. It honestly took me a while to find my niche because I never knew that I could make a career out of helping people grow in their passion. Know that everyday I wake up helping people become what they have always wanted to be makes me unbelievably happy. Read more>>

Lauren Bencivengo | Interior Designer and Artist

I knew from a young age that I felt the most free and comfortable while doing creative tasks like painting, drawing, and even putting together presentation boards for class. So when I thought about my major for college, I knew I wanted to go into Fine Arts to be able to learn all about the different paths of a creative career. While every career still has its moments when it feels like a job, overall being in a creative career allows the opportunity for freedom, self expression and connection. Read more>>