One of the most important lessons we learned is that our lives and our businesses will teach us along the way. We don’t need to know everything on day one because the challenges we face on day will likely be ones we are already equipped to handle. As we overcome challenges we get better and better and as the challenges increase in difficulty so too does our ability to tackle them.

We asked members of the community that we admire to share important lessons their business or career has taught them and have shared some of those responses below.

Angelina Scafani-Sciarrino Gina Scafani | Brokers / Co-Founders

You hear of overnight sensations, people who have made it big in what appears to be pure luck. Having grown up in the Real Estate industry, we’ve survived the 2008 market crash, rebuilt all that was lost, the most important lesson learned is that we’ve stayed committed to trusting in the process. Having accepted our failures, we ebb and flow with the journey. It is easy to feel defeated and immediately seek change, but it takes true businesswomen, like ourselves, to face our struggles. We take each hiccup and use it as an opportunity to do better, to be stronger, to grow and together we make a dynamic team because of this. Read more>>

Jen Bauer | Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Just like a lot of millennials, I went to school every day from 8am to 3pm. I did my best to get ‘good’ grades, so I could get into a ‘good’ college, so that I could get a ‘good’ job and make money to have a ‘good’ life. Well. Going to school day after day, year after year, had groomed (read: brainwashed) me into thinking there was only one track for success. And that was it. Don’t get me wrong, education IS important and I am so grateful for the educational opportunities that I was offered, but it wasn’t until I broke free from the 9-5 that I realized the road to success is not a straight line. Turns out, it has a lot of back entrances and hidden paths. Read more>>

Bianca Zalez | Singer & entertainer

The most important lesson that my career has taught me is to unwaveringly believe in myself and believe in what I am capable of accomplishing. You can’t go into a new career or business venture only half believing in making it. Since there may be plenty of instances in which you may second guess yourself because of the challenges, you have that strong belief which helps you to push harder and keep going. Read more>>

Bella Gutierrez | Entrepreneur

One of the lessons being a small business owner and full time employee has taught me is that, No matter how overwhelming juggling the two can get only I can make it happen. I constantly remind my self this is my dream and if I don’t get up everyday and work hard on my dream that’s all it will ever be a dream but never an accomplishment. No matter what the situation is I have to keep working towards this dream. Read more>>