Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places.  Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Steph Richards | Trumpeter, Composer, Conductor, Curator

I was born in a small town in northern Canada called Grande Prairie which is exactly what it sounds like, and had the fortune of learning to play the piano at an early age without music books. I learned music from records, the radio looking back, I know I was lucky that I was able to develop my ear before my eyes (learning to read musical notation). Though I was the youngest member by at least a decade, my father encouraged me to join him in the local Scottish pipe and drum band, and it was both incredibly intimidating and challenging for a ten year old trying to keep up. Read more>>

Cameo Kruse | Artist Mom Warrior

I am from a small town in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I graduated high school with 109 students, most of whom I met in grade school. My family and I lived 5 minutes outside of that small town, on what we referred to as a “farmette” We had chickens and ducks, a family dog, and old vintage barns on the 6.8 acres of land that we owned. I grew up with 4 seasons. In the summer, my siblings and I played outside all day and ran around barefoot, climbing trees and having fun. At night we caught fireflies. In the winter, we bundled up and played in the snow for as long as we could stand. Read more>>

Carlos Luna James | New Media Artist

I was born in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, a wild and history-rich border town in the north of Mexico, I spent my early 18 years there before moving to Guadalajara to study my career. Juarez is a very unique place, it has this double culture, Mexican/American, very different from other places in Mexico. Most people are hard worker, warm, open and friendly but on the other side, because it is a border, there is a lot of drug traffic and migration. People from other countries take the risk to pass the border for better life and a lot of the times can’t make it. Read more>>

Sarah Henry | Cyclebar Instructor, Food Sales Consultant & Animal Pad Volunteer

I’m from a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and truly believe where and how I grew up has given me a strong foundation for my current success! Wisconsin, and the Mid-West, has a very hard-working culture, and that’s something that was instilled in me from a very young age. My mom is a Pianist, and I began taking piano lessons with her around age 5, practicing every day and competing in several judged competitions. I craved success and respected the dedication it took to get there. At age 7, I began swimming competitively, practicing 7-9 times each week in addition to playing piano, and all of the other activities a 7-year-old does. Read more>>

Vince Alvendia | Indie Comic Artist and Illustrator

I was born in the Phillipines but I was raised in San Diego. I was a Navy brat in the 80’s so I grew up on a healthy diet of Star Wars, sci-fi TV shows likeBattlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers, Mtv, and Saturday morning cartoons. Honestly, I probably watched way more TV than was good for me, but it definitely influenced my tastes in art, media, and pop culture. I’m also at an age where hearing a specific song on the radio, or running across an old show I used to watch on a streaming service, brings on a nostalgia wave that is find, and maybe just a little bittersweet to ride. Read more>>

Taylor Montagu | Artist

I am from Orange County, California. Raised mostly in Huntington Beach. I am part of a large, supportive, loving family; with two fantastic parents who gave me twenty three pairs of chromosomes and three inspiring brothers. I credit my upbringing and any skills I developed early on in life, to having to keep up with strong, intelligent people who pushed me to work harder. As well as a handful of creative and extremely talented friends. When I decided to focus on art and painting in particular, I had a wonderful matrix of minds to bounce ideas off of and gain insight from. Read more>>