We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Lydia Livingood | Artist / Model / Entrepreneur

Such a simple yet difficult question… and I think the only way to answer it is; I had to. It’s my passion and my calling. “I decided to be an artist cuz it’ll make me a lot of money.” -Said no one ever. You don’t pursue art to be rich, though it might happen, you do it for the sake of expressing yourself, to create something meaningful. Read more>>

Tara Rebuck | Founder & CEO | TR Photo & Design

I had always been interested in the Science field and was good at it, but I kept getting drawn back to art. Growing up in a small town, wasn’t as much opportunity to pursue art, as teachers would push you towards more “typical” and generic career fields. Read more>>

GiA Watson | Redken Certified Master Colorist & Invisible Bead Extension Artist

I was given the gift of desperation for the second time in my life.The first time I received the gift of desperation was when I decided to get sober back in 2011 and it changed the trajectory of my life. The second time the gift of desperation was bestowed on me was during nervous break down caused to my demanding job in finance. Read more>>

Steve Riddle | Musician and Fine Artist

I have been creative by nature ever since I was a small child, growing up when I would entertain myself, it seemed that I would lean towards a form of play that somehow incorporated my creativity and this was something that was a natural expression of my being, I have always been drawn to the arts and throughout my life it has been extremely rewarding to me personally to exercise my creative expression both in a personal as well as a public sense. Read more>>

George Jac | Director, Producer & Actor

I chose to pursue an artistic or creative career on the back end of my Bachelor’s school program at San Diego State University, when I was still trying to figure out my major and in turn what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. During the course of my youth, I was a jock who gave no thought to the arts, apart from a single stint as a news anchor for my high school’s monthly news program. Read more>>

Julian Estopier | YouTuber & General Contractor

The Reason for Starting my YouTube Channel came more out of necessity then anything else. I have been a huge sports and comics fan my entire life. So when I moved I didn’t really have anyone to talk about the things I loved. So I started this YouTube Channel and created a community that I can share my interests with. Now I get to talk about Sports and Comics daily With an Audience that’s genuinely interested in my opinion. Read more>>