We asked the community to open up to us about their favorite books and we’ve shared some of the responses below.

Catalina Andrade | Holistic Health Practitioner

My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This book follows the journey of a shepherd boy who wants to travel to find a treasure. The journey is full of adventures and by the end of the book, the shepherd boy comes back to his small town where he started his journey. There he finds a treasure, just in the same spot he was before his travel. This is just a reminder that what we are looking for is already within us, but still, we have to go through life experiences to recognize our treasures. This is the reason I love this book because of its message and an easy read with full adventures. The Alchemist is a book I enjoy reading over and over again.

About me: I’m the owner of Whole Bella, where I provide natural stress relief and self care for working moms to overcome overwhelm.

Mackenzie Belcastro | Writer & Holistic Wellness Coach

Beauty by John O’Donohue. This book is wonder given physical form. Through the exploration of our relationship to beauty, O’Donohue softly calls readers to awaken. Every time I read this book, I’m immediately grounded; connected to the natural and spiritual world around me; and reminded of what truly matters, and what is superfluous—what is a concern of the ego, in other words, and what deserves a longer look, a deeper appreciation. It’s impossible to read this book and remain untouched, unchanged.

About me: I am a magical realism novelist and a holistic wellness coach focusing on the deeper layers, our connection to the Universe, others, and ourself.