Getting your first clients or customers is rarely easy, but it’s always exhilarating. We asked some of the brightest folks we know to take a stroll down memory lane to talk to us about how they got their first customers back when just starting out.

Sandra . | Publicist

When i first started, it was actually social media and word of mouth marketing that got me started. However, If i was to start over now, i would definitely do things a bit different. I would create a more solid business plan and strategy, utilize social media more, branding my business and networked with the right people. In addition to that,i would have been more careful as to whom i discuss my business plans or ideas with.

About me: I own a Public Relations Company in Maryland and we are actually full-service offering Brand Building, Social media management, Event planning, Brand consulting and many more!

Mary and Heather Yoga Your Way | Virtual and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga for Every Body

Laura MacKay

Mary and Heather Yoga Your Way Standup Paddle Board Yoga and Virtual Online Yoga Platform …Yoga For Everybody When we first started our business we built up our clientele primarily by word of month and client referrals. We share a love of yoga and a love for the water. This unique combination is ideal for paddle board yoga so we wanted to bring our two passions to our clients. Building a business from the ground up is hard but our enthusiasm, drive and affection lead us to provide better customer service, better customer awareness and more unique offerings. We also wanted to keep the price point attainable for everybody. If were were to look back to 2020 and were starting over would we do it differently.. only one aspect…..We would engage more with social medical. Initially we were newbies to the social medial platforms so relied more on word of mouth. Today, we would incorporate the use of social medial posts and interactions with the same basic premises we started with…make the best customer experience possible and let them spread the word for you.

About me: Yoga Your Way taking care of mind body and spirit for everybody every where. Come share our love of the water- Sup Yoga.