We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Holly Kalkin | Wedding Planner, Holly Kalkin Weddings

The most important factor behind the success of my business is the ability to relate to my clients and to put myself in their shoes. I’m always trying to think through things from their perspective and to understand it as if I were the client. How would I want to receive information? How would I want things handled as it relates to budget, vendor relationships, and the overall feeling of their special day? Each and every one of my couples is special to me and I want them to feel and know that. Read more>>

Tim Diamond | Realtor

The most important factor behind my success is definitely my drive and my family. I have always been driven and believe there is always room to improve. This attitude has always pushed me to reach further and work harder. Everything I do is for my family. This past year I have been blessed to welcome my daughter into this world, and I have never been more motivated to succeed. I must also give credit to the incredibly innovative company I work for, Compass, and my professional partner in the business that use their talents and skills to set me up for success. Read more>>

Jeremy Sicile-Kira | Artist at Jeremy’s Vision

My great inspiration comes from spirituality. Kindly the spiritual element of my art is most important to me. When I meet people, I see colors around them : I see their aura and their emotions in color. I paint the colors I see and then write a description – the spiritual and emotional significance of their colors. Truly greatly I hope my art can make a positive impact for those who seek to understand my art. Read more>>

Natalia Bagai | Owner & Chef

I believe that the most important factor behind my success has been consistency. I created the business model to my company long ago, an exclusive cake studio rather a bakery, and it’s amazing how 10 years later not only is that the new normal, but it has allowed me to keep business the same even during a world pandemic. I truly believe that exclusivity is an idea that people crave to be a part of. In turn it has allowed to me to take on the amount of orders I can personally handle a week with the time to give my artistic all into each one. Read more>>

Justin Catubay | Creative Director & Photographer

I think the brand does well mostly because of how transparent and honest it is. If you see the clothes and you meet me, it would make sense. My goal was never to make clothes that would appeal to a mass audience. I just wanted to make stuff that I’m in to and that I would actually wear. I do pay attention to what my contemporaries are doing, don’t get me wrong, but I try not to worry about what everyone else is doing and focus on my own vision and believing in that fully. Read more>>

Shannon Fox | Owner of Minute Marketing

I would say the most important factor behind the success of my company, Minute Marketing, is the fact that we really take the time to understand what our clients need from us, the reason why they’re hiring us, and then deliver and execute. In particular we’ve had a lot of success with clients in the real estate industry because this as an area I have many years of experience in and we understand the challenges our clients face, well. And we really understand what they expect from us and what they need us to do for them. That experience of learning how to serve one industry really, really well has allowed us to apply some of the same strategies with clients in other arenas. Read more>>