We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Holly Tran | Co-Owner of Poshe’ Lash & Skincare

This is probably a common habit that most business owners have but I believe my habit of always putting 100% of my effort into my business is what has helped my small business succeed in such a competitive field. As the years go by, I have experienced many hardships and unpleasant experiences with customers and employees. If I’m being honest, these experiences have made me question whether it was time to quit or not. However, through it all, my business is as successful as it is today because I was able to overcome these adversities and strive to provide the best quality services to my clients. Read more>>

Zulfar Shaker | Owner, Maker, Mother of 4 boys & Accountant by profession

A static life is a boring life to me. I find I like a new challenge/project that can keep me motivated in achieving higher limits. Much of my motivation started as a kid, seeing my parents’ hard work and dedication even as we were new immigrants from Afghanistan. Not knowing the language and forced to start a new life, they persevered with challenges in various ways; over time, they built a new life and made sure we learned the lesson of everything that was achieved. I never took for granted the blessings and made sure I tried to build on these strong habits as I grew up. I finished my undergraduate studies in 3 years at UC Riverside while also completing an internship with the I.R.S. I made sure I had all the boxes checked before I graduated to create a strong resume. Read more>>

Victoria Voos | Plus Size Blogger and Social Media Coach

Not giving in to that gnawing feeling of everything needing to be perfect. I have always resonated with the saying “progress over perfection” and I think it’s what helps me keep pushing through even when I am being my own worst critic! Read more>>

Hon Hoang | Photographer, Film-maker

Persevering and following-up with others is a good habit to have. At the beginning, I always felt like I was bothering people by reaching out to them. In many ways I still do, but that voice in my head is a lot quieter now. I don’t believe I would be where I am today if I did not persist by sending out messages to people I wanted to work with. I always expected rejection, but more often than not, I was met with positive responses. When I didn’t get a response, a simple follow up helped get the conversation going. Many of my collaborations and projects have come to fruition because of this. Read more>>