We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Tiera Coleman | Licensed Nail Technician/Makeup Artist/Image Consultant/Full-Life Doula

Most of my life people have always tried to force me into a box. Whether it be that they’ve never seen someone operate/do things the way I have before or they were too scared to take certain steps with their own lives and they tried to hinder/warn me. My favorite misquote that has been said to me since the beginning of my career is “Do you want to be a jack of all trades and a master at none?” Most people, including me until recently, do not realize that the full quote is . “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” I’ve never been comfortable doing things the way others do them or the way they were ‘laid out’ for me. I say that anything you set out to do, you should make sure you do it with full conviction and if it doesn’t serve/feed you, let it go. That could mean many things, a few things, or just one thing. Just make sure you do it with passion. Read more>>

Natalie Samarjian | President & CEO, Coro Southern California

I disagree with any advice that describes leadership as positional or authoritative. At Coro, we think a lot about leadership, and the leadership traits, approaches and characteristics that are most effective to propelling a thriving and healthy organizations, movements, and systems . What we know for sure is that the most effective styles of leadership are those that are adaptable — the most effective leaders have the flexibility to pivot, change their mind, perspective and course, the commitment to learn and grow, the creativity to think beyond the conventional, and transparency to do so with deep integrity. And, and this is a very important and, adaptive leadership is as effective as the trust that the leader has built with their team, constituency, clients – those who they serve and are served by. Read more>

Nathan Hockstra | Men’s Dating and Relationship Coach

Go to school, get a good job, obey the man, move up the ladder and retire one day. I never finished school, I had a corporate job, made good money and could have made more but I felt it was sucking my soul. I needed to feel fulfilled in my life and spending that much time in a job I hated didn’t allow me to do it. Read more>>

Sarah McAllister | Floral Designer

Any form of advice you receive, especially if it’s deemed as conventional, should be questioned and not taken as immediate truth. Look at the advice; examine it from all angles. Experiment with it, and learn for yourself if it is true for you or not. Is it helpful? Does it actually work or make sense in present context? It is easy for the mind to assume that because something is conventional that it is still alive and functioning for good. We are finding in our current reality that convention is not working. So why accept conventional advice blindly? Our brain loves simplification, generalization and one size fits all mentalities, but the truth is that we are here on earth as individuals with a unique cosmic signature. Different ways of being for different people at different times. Moving from moment to moment by what feels right. Not a conventional piece of advice. Read more>>

Jessica Zemple | Life Shucker

I see the “positive thinking” campaign as detrimental to our society. While the intention of being positive is beautiful, it is limiting. Positive thinking does not leave room for people to be honest with themselves or other people. Positive thinking makes us hide in our shell when life is hard. This makes us feel even more alone and in the dark. How, then, do we as a human, or society, progress if we can’t have honest conversations? People also judge themselves for having “negative” thoughts (e.g. I “shouldn’t” be thinking that way.) Judgements weigh us down and hold us back from living our best life. The reality is our thoughts come and we have no control over what comes. We do, however, have a choice over which thoughts to subscribe to. Instead of positive thinking, my invitation is to think authentically. Be true to what is real for you. Your authenticity will crack that shell open so you can shine your pearl! The whole world will be brighter when you do!. Read more>>