We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Miguel Sanchez | Strength & Remedial Therapy Coach

As a young adult your taught to pick one thing early for your career and stick to that one thing for the rest of your life. Any or everything else is obsolete. In this life time curiosity kills that notion fast. Dabbling in many work ventures puts you ahead of those that only stick to one thing. Its a beautiful venture, simply because, well, you acquire different skill sets. And while being in different ventures you also learn what you don’t like. Which in turn allows you to hone in on that one thing you eventually decide to stick to. This type of conventional advice creates this facade of a ticking bomb. Restrictions, as if theres a timeline. Pressure, creating unnecessary anxiety. Life is long, life is an adventure, one must experience life to learn, explore and understand, the true key to growing a passion and turning it to a career. Read more>>

Dr Maddie Wallace | Chiropractor & Yoga Instructor

I disagree with the conventional idea that in order to be more successful or make more money you have to work harder. This idea that whoever works the longest hours or sacrifices the most for their job is the most dedicated. I disagree with this philosophy because I do not believe working harder is the key to being more successful. When you tie ‘success’ to ‘doing more’ it creates this relentless, unattainable expectation that you have to be doing as much as possible all the time. I believe that the pressure I put on myself to always worker harder crippled my growth at the beginning of my chiropractic career. I became overly stressed and stretched too thin. When you are operating from the space of “I’m not doing enough” and feeling constantly behind you lose the genuine joy you get from doing what you do. Creating unrealistic expectations leads to chronic stress which dampens that joy and leads to burn out. Read more>>

Farah Doose | Virtual Assistant & Consultant

“Hustle isn’t just working on the things you like. It means doing the things you don’t enjoy so you can do the things you love.” I don’t believe in the notion that you have to hustle or work harder to be successful. The #1 thing I hear network marketing uplines say to their downlines when things are hard is “Just Work Harder.” As a former network marketer, I hustled for 5 years. I was spinning in so many directions that I never saw movement in my business. Working harder on the wrong things isn’t going to help home-based entrepreneurs. If you are just focused on doing more, your focus is divided and nothing gets done well. Most of the time, that “more” isn’t even going to move the needle on your business goals. Read more>>