We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Jenny Santos | Henna Artist

There’s a lot of misconception about what success looks like and how it is you get there. I come from an Asian American family where most of my cousins are doctors and engineers. Growing up, I’ve been reminded time and again that the golden ticket to success is a secure job, at a big name company. If I follow this path, I too can be successful, just like them. But I don’t believe that’s the only way. I strongly disagree with advise like “keep your head down and work your way up”, because climbing someone else’s ladder is not the path I want to take. Read more>>

Maricruz Carrillo | Mexican Environmentalist & Engineer

“Other people, known as “experts”, know more about your body, mind and spirit than you do intuitively.” I am a strong believer that once you take time to be with yourself and monitor your moods, reactions and cycles, you will know yourself better than anyone else. Yes, there are people that dedicate their lives to understanding biology, psychology or religious practices but each being is a completely different organism and although we can rely on them for support but the person that ultimately knows what is best for you is YOU. Period. End of story. Unfortunately, we have become so disconnected from ourselves that it might seem ignorant or uneducated about what is the best for our well being. Read more>>

Jordan Crump | Social Media Manager

You need to have short form video incorporated in your business if you are going to have a successful media presence. In March of 2020 TikTok boomed. We were all stuck in our homes and bored. Some people created videos while others consumed it. This moment changed culture. People were craving human connection that wasn’t curated. This cultural reset became true for businesses too. Some businesses started hoping on. Small businesses who were used to making a few hundred a month were having $50k plus launches because a Tik Tok went viral. Read more>>