We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Lauren Scotto | Artist & Teacher

Do not hope to find inspiration or wait for it to strike; CREATE your own inspiration. It may sound trite or cliché, but truly putting this into practice really works, and it takes consistent efforts. As an artist, I’ve learned to always keep making, even when I’m not inspired to or “in the mood”. Sometimes it’s difficult to muddle through an artistic slump, but if I keep creating, even multiple failed attempts will eventually spark an idea or creative urge at some point. Also, in the process of trying and failing, trying and failing, I am learning. As a teacher, this is something I try to impart to my students constantly Read more>>

JUURI | Japanese+American Muralist & Artist

“Nobody makes money from art… become a graphic designer instead.” This is what people told me before I went to college, so I listened to them and studied design. I love design, but I always wanted to create art as my job. To my delight, It turns out that you can make a living with fine art. The internet has revolutionized the art world so much in just 10-15 years. Read more>>

Kurt Bantle | Avocado Farmer (Pesticide and Herbicide free)

The advice form the Farm Bureau and the FDA is for weed control to use Glyphosate. Most farmers use Round Up and HOA’s use Ranger Pro that has glyphosate in it, the main ingredient to kill weeds. They all think it’s safe, well it’s not. We stopped using it years ago because it is bad for Mother Earth and every living thing on the planet. We only used it on our roads, never on our trees, but most farmers go crazy with it and spray it everywhere and on everything. It’s so sad to find out that certified organic produce, hummus, oatmeal and other foods can even have 80ppm of glyphosate in it and still be considered organic! You’re better off growing your own or calling the grower out on their growing practices to find out the truth. Read more>>