Starting a business is often a life-altering decision.  It can affect you in so many ways beyond just financially.  We asked some of the smartest entrepreneurs we know about their thought-process around starting their own businesses.

Christiana Rojas | Business Owner & Esthetician

I have always had a passion for making others feel more beautiful and when I decided to become an esthetician I was able to fully step into bringing that to the world. I was able to work with some amazing business owners some who have had their spas for years and some who were just getting started. I was able to learn the do’s and dont’s of the business. Taking in anything and everything I had developed a vision of what kind of business I would want to create. Read more>>

Laura Munkholm | CEO & Founder Studio Solutions

I love this question, because it brings me back to the spark. The spark is SUCH a fun time. I love beginnings and really thrive in the visionary part of business building. Starting Studio Solutions was something I never imagined I’d do. As far as I knew, there really wasn’t even an industry in what I wanted to build. I didn’t know anyone else doing it, so obviously, there was fear. But deciding to start down the entrepreneur path is a big decision, and I couldn’t have done it alone. Read more>>

Nina & Dominic (N) Hart (D) Mendoza | Photographer & Videographer

Starting our own business was the result of a creative passion to tell stories. We both grew up in the arts & as a husband and wife we knew we wanted to run a creative business together. Our passion for wedding photography stemmed from planning, styling, and creating decor for our own wedding. We learned how much couples and their families invest into their weddings and how important celebrating their love is, through our own process of planning a wedding. Fast forward to our decision to actually begin our own business, we felt that we had a lot of love and creativity to offer our couples. Read more>>

Charlene Cornelia | Small (like really small) Stationery Supply Biz Adventurer

I didn’t know where to start. It was overwhelming. I was intimidated. But I believed there was value in bringing something aesthetically pleasing into someone’s day-to-day living, even with the pen you use or the paper you write on. And it didn’t have to break the bank. There was the endless possibility, as cliche as it sounds. The possibility that could make someone smile while sitting at their desk, motivate a child to do their homework, or give a little gift to show someone a little gratitude. That was enough motivation to start somewhere (anywhere!) to learn new things and continue to learn each step of the way. Read more>>

Tyrla Woods | Licensed Esthetician

The thought process behind starting my own business began at the first day spa I worked at after getting my esthetics license. I went into it all dough eyed and innocent with this idea of catering to my clients and really servicing their needs. Boy was I wrong!! This place was set up to turn clients over fast and make money. There was simply no heart. After talking with other “esthies” I soon learned that this was the norm in the industry. I knew there had to be a better way and soon came to the realization that I couldn’t do that working for someone else. Read more>>

Jenn Kolinski | Graphic Arts & Design

My husband and I are both very entrepreneurial, have a lot of hobbies, and a lot of passions! Besides our Coco & James business, my husband also has a print business called Metropolis Prints, and I’ve started a podcast with a friend. Additionally, I’m working on a blog! We are always creating, thinking, working, tinkering … it’s part of the foundation of who we are, and I love that on top of being a lot of fun, our pursuits bring us additional income as well! A win-win! Read more>>

Denise Martin | Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Professional

I knew for a long time I wanted to have my own business and be independent, so I always had that back in my mind. What it really made it clear that it was time for me to go for it, it was when I found a passion strong enough to take the risk and get out of my comfort zone. Everything started with a passion, which is health and fitness, and a purpose. I believe those are the engine that moves your business forward. When you think about your purpose, or WHY, be both selfish and generous. Think about how you want your life to be better as a result of your business, and how you want to impact other people’s life as well. Read more>>