We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Claudia Alvarez | Owner Glo Wellness/Interior Designer

Body Sculpting or Body Conturing is the new term used for all non-invasive non-surgical procedures, that help to remove stubborn fat, shape and tone the body with zero downtime, minimal to no pain, less risk of side effects. Much more cost effective than standard surgery. Read more>>

Cameron John | Lead Vocalist for Nautical Front

One thing an outsider may not be aware of is how much work it takes to be moderately successful in the music business—I am measuring success in that you can live off of your income doing only music. People may be aware that it is hard work, but I doubt many outsiders actually know the magnitude of how difficult it truly is. One can read stories of an artist “making it” in a year or two or longer, but just know that it seems like an eternity for the artist who is putting in the work each and every day for all those years. Read more>>

Submissivetiger | Shibari / Rope Bondage Artist

There are many assumptions and misconceptions about my industry that outsiders often have but that is due to its taboo nature – the truth is that people practice rope bondage or shibari for many different reasons and that it’s a very personalized journey! Some are drawn to the artistic and creative side of it; creating art and developing their craft. Some are drawn to the erotic aspects and use it as a tool to further physical exploration. Some find it to be grounding, meditative, practice to connect with their bodies. It may be a cumulation of these different elements or one may practice in a specific way depending on the circumstances. The foundations though, are that we are practicing consent, communicating/respecting boundaries, being risk aware (rope comes with risk!), and creating space to be vulnerable/intimate. This practice demands you be completely present in your body, mind, and spirit – which can be a very powerful experience! I also must add that rope is for everybody and EVERY BODY. Read more>>

Olivia Lee | Hairstylist

Most people probably think “playing” with hair all day is fun and easy but, there’s a lot that goes into it. For example a lot of chemistry and color theory that goes along with hair color and years of experience for a haircut to come out perfect. We also spend a ton of money on Hair classes to keep up with the new trends. Read more>>