We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Alli Powell | Owner, Digital Marketing Agency & Food Blogger

Shortly before I started my own digital marketing agency, I was working full time as the Director of Administration for an IT company. The role left me feeling unfulfilled and uninspired. I started up my food blog in October 2019 and 10 days later I as laid off of my job, which was an industry I worked in for over 10 years. I had other full time offers but decided it was best for me to be own my own boss – as risky as it was – which allowed me to spend more time with my two young children. Although it was totally foreign to become a full time food blogger and digital marketer, it also felt SO amazing. Read more>>

Lorraine Stagg | CEO & Self-Care Coach – The Risk Chick

Risk-taking – we all do it. It happens every day and you might not even know it. The choices you make, all have a type of risk associated with it. Risk gets the wrap for being the adrenaline sports – skydiving, climbing, skiing, public speak. You might associate risk with the big, in-your-face type of things. Risk is also, having hard conversations. Having the desire to improve your life. Creating the habits, routines, and changes to better your life. It’s learning how to put yourself first when it feels impossible. Practicing a growth mindset and gratitude. All risks take practice, skill, and resilience. Read more>>

Cynthia Cooper | Travel Specialist and Business Owner

I believe that without taking a risk we would have no experiences in life. And without experiences, you run the possibility of showing minimal mental, emotional or financial growth. I strongly support risk taking. I say this because in 2010, I packed up my life and relocated to Washington DC, Metropolitan area. This was a big risk, not only did I not know anyone, I was a divorcee. Then in 2013, I took another big risk and adopted my son and did this as a single parent. Read more>>

Milad Shamoun | CEO of Modern Mortgage

You will never reach your true potential living life in comfort and routine. You’ve got to take some risks, especially in business. Risk and opportunity come hand in hand. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for risk taking. I grew up watching my father taking risks throughout his life for my mother, younger sisters and I. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1995. I am a Catholic Chaldean Iraqi. The Chaldeans were an ethnic group that lived in Mesopotamia in the first millennium and may be best known by their appearance in the Bible. Living in Iraq wasn’t safe for Chaldeans because the country was under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. There were also no opportunities for kids growing up. Read more>>

Eric Amaya | Beat Maker & Producer

Everyday that we live our lives, we risk getting hit by a car walking down the street, we risk getting a bad order at a restaurant. Risk is something I have encountered my whole life, in music it is something that I deal with all the time as well. I risk not being with my family while I’m working on music at locations or having to be at events that are music related. I risk the ability to be able to rest well due to the irregular schedule of working with different artist. I risk not knowing if I will gain back what I have invested financially towards music. Although risk can be scary it is something that I will never shy away from. Read more>>

RexArthur Ramos | Handmade Jewelry Artist

I’ve always considered myself a jack of all trades but instead of “master of none” I like to believe I’m a master of some–one of which is jewelry. As a consequence of that, in all my interests and experiments throughout the years I knew I would fail at several various things. That doesn’t mean I immediately stop after the first try. Getting back up and coming at a problem from a different perspective with knowledge of the previous experience is personal growth. In regards with risk taking and jewelry, knowing that failures will 100% come sooner or later I push forward towards a goal incrementally. Taking many small and even minute steps helps me to take manageable risks head on. To me, the biggest risk was the initiative of starting my own jewelry studio. It wasn’t the vast knowledge of hundreds, if not thousands, of jewelry making skills which laid before me to learn. The simple step of starting the studio was the biggest risk I took. It’s also the best risk I’ve taken. Read more>>

Broc Sanders | Musician/Photographer

I feel like ever since I turned 18 and started living on my own, risks have kind of been a theme in my life. I’ve never been one to let myself ever get too comfortable or complacent. To be honest all of the risks I’ve taken weren’t something I ever thought too much about, I’ve always just followed my heart. Risks have really changed the trajectory of my life, and most of them have involved joining bands and hitting the road to play wherever people were willing to let us. Almost all of my risky actions were for the experience, to get out there and be able to say I was doing it, doing what I always dreamt of, what my heroes have all done before me. These risks have cultivated the crucial experiences that I needed to gain in order build myself into the musician I’ve always wanted to be. Read more>>