We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Kostyantyn Chumakov | Frontman of Zero South

Musicians make very little money from actually performing. Usually when we sell tickets to a show, we only get a couple bucks from each ticket we sell, and only from the tickets the WE sell. Some promoters and show organizers are cool and will split the whole of ticket sales among the performers, but that still isn’t nearly enough money to consider quitting your day job. The best way to help out your favorite smaller or up and coming musicians is by buying their merch, the next best way is sharing their music and concerts with everyone you know so that they hopefully buy some merchandise and keep the music going. Read more>>

Dylan Prohaska | Clothing Boutique Owner

It does not take a huge investment to start! I have been into fashion since I was young, and at one point, starting my own clothing boutique never seemed like a possibility. It can be intimidating and overwhelming to see all that might go in to starting a small business, but it only takes a little research and a few Youtube videos to figure out where to start. There are actually only three steps to in order to legally file your business, which can all be done online, and costs less than $100! After filing, building a website and buying a domain can all be done for under $300. The final costs will go into product and marketing. Read more>>

Melissa Roche | Cut/Extensions Specialist, & Hair Extensions Educator /Cosmetology Educator

I think the most overlooked part of the industry , or the part that isnt really acknowledged, is that to be a master of your craft, requires countless hours of advanced education, and hands on training. This is something In Addition to the state required hours of training. Advanced Education isnt a requirement, but in my opinion everyone should seek this out, whether it be in salon training , or something you attend as a licensed professional. Education isnt cheap, but it really helps you elevate your skill and understanding of your techniques. In the begining of my career, i was fortunate enough to have a really great mentor, and salon owner that gave me great additional training, and also paid for numerous advanced trainings, some of which were the Cutting and styling training in New York with Bumble & Bumble, and Sassoon in Los Angeles. i love the saying, “Great hair aint cheap, and cheap hair, aint great”. its true. Read more>>