We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Amy & Michael Caldwell | Yoga One Founders, Instructors and Teacher Training Leaders

Our mission for the past 20 years has been to help as many people as possible enjoy healthier, happier lives. Yoga One, a family, Black and woman owned business, aims to provide an accessible, comfortable, and safe forum for self-care and wellbeing, which ripples outward to families, workplaces, communities and beyond. Yoga One regularly donates to local charities and schools, offers free community classes and work-trade or reduced pricing for those in need. During COVID, we continued to help our community by immediately offering all of our classes live online and maintaining all of our employees. Read more>>

Mayela Gonzalez | Yoga Teacher & Creator

We share yogic practices to expand the awareness of the self in the present moment. This practices reconnect us with the flow of life and Mother Earth. By acknowledging that we are part of the Earth, we start to take care of her instead of hurting her and give something back, not just taking. Read more>>

m.Hope Price | Meditation Guide~Energy Worker~Poet~Dancer~

Greetings, I am Hope. I have dedicated my life to encouraging healing through creative release. I was put on this path because I have spent the last few years of my life journeying within both the physical and spiritual realms and was pulled into major self reflection by the universe. Through this experience, I came to understand our ability to manifest through intention. What I had yet to realize is that time spent in stillness would become a beautiful journey of balancing hope with intention. I now lead guided meditations as a way to help one connect with their emotions, experiences and own knowing. I also hosted my first meditation Retreat in Joshua Tree California for my birthday on September 22. Being able to take people away from their routine to exist in nature and allow it to become a reflection can change lives. All it takes is a pause from the “go,go,go” of life to remember your connection, on a deeper level, to all that is around you. Read more>>