How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Autumn Woods | Artist / Program Director

What an interesting thing, the concept of risk. So many of us are risk-adverse, concerned with exposing ourselves to danger. But what is life without constant exposure to risk? A few years ago, a woman shared with me how she ended up paralyzed from the neck down. One night she dreamt she was swimming amongst friends and decided to practice a swan dive – she awoke just before her dive connected her with the hardwood floor, having jumped in her sleep from the foot of her bed. Read more>>

Neslene J Sahagun | Licensed Esthetician

During the pandemic, becoming an Esthetician has been the biggest risk I have ever taken. I had a full time job that no longer made me happy and I wanted a change in life. I wanted to start a career that I was going to love and enjoy so I took a risk. I took a risk of not knowing what the outcome was going to be and quit my job to pursue my dreams in becoming an Esthetician. Even though it was the scariest and most exciting time in my life, I couldn’t be happier with decision I made. Read more>>

Cheryl Williams | Special Education Teacher and Founder/CEO of The Shine Project Foundation 501C3

I believe that taking risks are essential for growth and opportunity in all aspects of life. By taking risks we use the time we do have rather than putting things off and waiting to figure out the perfect prerequisites or circumstances to live life and complete our dreams and goals.. Read more>>

Tracy Bunkoczy | Designer: Apparel & Interiors

I took a risk when I decided to leave fashion and go into interiors. It was very scary because I would need to find a way to make enough money to live the lifestyle I was accustomed to, and I knew I needed to learn the ropes. I did have a savings so I was able to use that to make ends meet until I was back on my feet. I think risk is very important, mixed with trust, research and a sense of what is realistic for you. Read more>>

Frida Silva | Founder of Elemant

There is a risk in everything we do when it comes to growth. Feeling stuck or in a place where we can’t feel evolvement is a very soul crushing place to be. We all deserve growth, freedom, inspiration, and creativity and that comes with taking risks, going your own way, and possibly breaking the mold. I am a firm believer that things always work themselves out for the better. Even if we can’t see where the road leads. Read more>>

Lexy Silverstein | Sustainable Fashion Content Creator

Risk taking, in my opinion, is essential when it comes to truly living life to the fullest. How will you know if you like or don’t like rollercoasters if you never go on one? How will you know if you like or dislike tofu if you never try it? Read more>>

Dionne Ybarra | Non Profit Founder/Entrepreneur

Risk taking is everything! I had to take a risk to create an organization based on surfing but I was a beginner myself. I am also a female Latina. A very under represented demographic in the world of surfing. I went in with full imposter syndrome. Would anyone take me seriously enough to follow my lead. Read more>>

Alex Keith | Tattoo Artist/Painter

I strongly believe Risks in life are absolutely necessary. Without risks we as humans are not able to become the people we want to be. Risk played as a huge role in my career because I am a Artist; Screams Risk! Being a Full-Time Artist i am depending on myself and artistry solely for everything in my life. Read more>>

Claudia Varga | Esthetician/Entrepreneur

As I’ve gotten older its become harder to take risks, but I still do it I just ponder it more. I’ve been taking risks my whole life. When I was just starting out I convinced my boss at the time(20 years ago) to let me work remotely for a year so I could move to LA. I rented an apartment sight unseen and put myself through makeup school. I knew one person there! But it paid off and started me on the path of my career. It was always my dream to have my own business. The timing of it may not have been exactly how I wanted it, but all the risks I took along the way led me to where I am now. Read more>>

Matt Cauthron | Artist / Educator

Risk is part of our development and the creative process. Whether its off-roading to a new spot that you are not fully confident about to capturing a photograph in 100+ degree heat or treating materials in the studio in a new capacity, it all contributes to your work and making new connections. Read more>>

Marlene Craighead | Wedding planner

How I feel about risk is just that, the word by itself makes people worried. There’s always a negative way of thinking when you say “ risk” . But for me and my career, if I didn’t take that “ risk” of possibly failing then I would of never became what I dreamt of being. Thinking past of taking that risk of failing, can hold you back from so many opportunities. Read more>>