“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.”

Ryan Shoemaker | Creative Director and Co-founder of Maek Ceramics

I think that my moral code all stems from integrity, I grew up in an extremely religious home–both for better and for worse–so growing up, being integrous was just one of those things that was a generational through line with lots of crossover into other values. As I transition into adulthood though, I’m realizing how honesty and integrity, if taken seriously, will take each of us on a particular journey, one that will cause us to ask difficult questions about our cultures, countries, and commerce, and how they have a hold on our day-to-day actions. In light of that, one way I phrase my “purpose” is to take responsibility for my agency, and to use my life and work to open up a dialogue with the folks I am in relationship with. Our company motto flows directly from that: “Care more about less.” Read more>>

Zaquia Mahler Salinas: Artistic Director

Community is really important to me. It is the reason we started DISCO RIOT – the desire to support community and help build a more inclusive and collaborative dance community in San Diego. For me, it stems from the understanding that when the collective “we” are successful, individuals are more successful. When we are all involved, heard, supported, and thriving, it is the best way to create growth, innovate, and gather forward momentum. Read more>>

Erica Benson | Photographer + Educator + Content Creator

Treat people better than how you want to be treated. I know the saying goes “Treat people how you want to be treated” and I’m just like… nah. Level up. Treat people so much better than how you want to be treated and somehow it always come back to you with so much love. Read more>>

Jen Derks | CEO of a Branding Studio

Honesty. All good collaborations come from setting clear expectations and the understanding of the full context of a situation. People are complex, and being honest and sometimes vulnerable, will simplify the complexity collaboration. Guessing how someone feels or what they think is not a burden to add to the work if all participants are honest and open. Read more>>