“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jen Coats | Passionate Founder of the LBC Hero Squad. Sample Coordinator/Product Development during the day. Life time momma to my wonderful kids. My family is my world.

Kindness and acceptance. Growing up as an Asian minority in California, I didn’t feel that I was accepted due to my race. My parents were immigrants and my brother and I were first generation, born in the United States. They wanted us to be “Americanized” so that we could “fit in”. My father was very strict and had my life planned for me but when I started to have my own voice, I wasn’t accepted in his eyes either. Read more>>

Shelby Sellers | Co-Founder of Bag It Up Boutique

One of the most important principles to us is being able to be size-inclusive. We never want to be a boutique that only straight sizes can shop at. We want anyone, regardless of what they look like, to be able to shop with us and find cute clothes that are the exact same whether you are a size Small or a size 5x! Being size-inclusive was actually one of the drives that pushed us to start Bag It Up Boutique from the beginning, so maintaining that inclusivity will always be our first priority! Read more>>

Storm, Bri, Eliana, & Garvin Wahal, Maloney, Calderon, Singh | Girl Tape

Girl Tape is named after hormones, so…Take your hormones! That’s not just a literal daily task reminder, that’s a call to be yourself, to build yourself into who you want and need to be. We know how significant it is to embrace every part of yourself and be authentic to who you are. Our music revolves around that, our relationships with each other do too, and that’s truly what we wish for everyone to experience. Read more>>

Cassandra Starr | Business Consultant, Influencer, Creator, Writer, & Actor

Integrity Matters Most to me. Being impeccable with your word and delivering tangible action after promised word. It’s about being positive and working together as a team. Read more>>

Gianna Sennett | Photographer

I wanted something that I could grow into something beautiful. Something that would allow me to show my art, my passion for working with people and something I could really use to change peoples lives! I originally wanted to start something to capture the growth of my children and that quickly grew to me capturing those moment for others! Read more>>

Elani Kay | CEO, Entreprenuer, Energy Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Host, Network Owner, Partner

I live by the principle that ‘energy does not lie.’ I’ve experienced enough in my life to where now it’s extrememly rare that I’ll cross paths with someone who’s energy is dark or negative, but I fully trust my intuition and I know when someone’s energy is off. I believe that life, business, and our paths in life are centered around the relationship we have with ourselves and others. Read more>>