We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Sam Polesak | Founder of Ocean Works

This is an interesting question that I have taken a lot of time in my life to think about and more recently act on. Defining “happiness.” I think it’s a personal journey for all of us to discover what that means. For me, the journey started in my early 20’s, a little seed was planted in me, that seed, was the idea that I could be bigger than myself one day. Bigger than a job that I went to everyday. Bigger than clocking in and out. Bigger than an 8 hour day and an evening at home, rinse and repeat. Read more>>

Tara Murray | Life Coach

Since I can remember, it has always brought me joy and lit me up inside to help others in life. I value human connection and have had an innate desire to support, uplift, and encourage people on a personal level. I am an empath and nurturer at heart, and someone who genuinely has a passion (and compassion) for people. It makes me happy knowing I’ve made an impact on someone’s life, whether that be big or small. Read more>>

Ashley Lauber | Freelance Photographer

What makes me the most happy is capturing beautiful, lifelong moments. Photography is more than a hobby for me, it’s a way of life. I take photos of almost everything and I constantly reflect on memories. That is what brings me the most joy. When I photograph others, I’m hoping to do the same for them. Capturing a unique moment of their life, forever. Something to reflect on for years to come. Read more>>

Donn Sway | Rapper & CEO

Being creative brings me tremendous joy. Recording my freestyles allows me to speak prophetically and manifest my desires yet also gives me an arena to voice my distresses and failures. This duality lends into the fact that my life feels more complete than it ever has before. Sawsir, a production company I co-founded with Andre Jones, is the epitome of my happiness. I am way more happy as a producer of content than as a consumer. Read more>>

Crispy760 A.K.A. Slime | Musician/Creative

Making music is what makes me happy. Having a completed product that I created gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Music how I escape from the world and enter one of my own. Just press play and you can have a glimpse of that world. Music has literally saved my life, I put my soul into each song.
To be told that my music has saved others as well is why I will never give it up. Read more>>