We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Jessica Miranda Salem Alcocer | Jessica Miranda & Salem Alcocer | Lawyer and Architect, Entrepreneurs, & Co founders of Picnic Dates

Love! Starting our beautiful little family showed us that we can be the best version of ourselves and find it in the most authentic, simple and wonderful way, making it the fundamental basis of our happiness; that feeling allows us to share and capture it in our daily lives with passion, and gratitude even in adverse moments. Read more>>

Noelle Roth | Actor, Dancer, Singer

Performing makes me happy. Singing, dancing, and acting bring me so much joy, and getting to share that joy with an audience is truly a magical experience. Dance was my first love. I started in dance classes at just two years old, because I wanted to be just like Ann Miller, Fred Astaire, Eleanor Powell, and all of the other wonderful dancers I watched in old movies growing up. Tap was always my favorite, but I also studied ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. Dance made me happier than anything. Read more>>

Sinclair Stratton | watercolor animal artist

COLOR! I find myself inspired, entertained, energized, and in awe, by the colors I see around me in day-to-day life. Painting is a way for me to play with all these colors to my heart’s desire. Secondly, I also feel happy being around animals! Painting animals is a fun and very satisfying way to combine these two loves! When I am painting an animal, I am celebrating that specific individual (not for instance, just a breed). Read more>>

Avery Nunn | Science Journalist

From golden retrievers to guacamole to Paul McCartney music…there are so many things in life that make me happy! I’d say what I find as the best blend of fulfillment and happiness is time that I spend in the ocean, especially when it’s with people who I care about. Beyond the pure joy and stoke of surfing, swimming and other oceanic explorations — my career relies heavily on a connection, awareness and understanding of marine life. So it’s important for me to get out there! There isn’t much that I love more than learning and laughing with my friends, partner and family in the sea. Read more>>

Jonathan Lee | Musician and Entrepreneur

My son. I am a proud single father and my true happiness is watching him grow.. If you wanted a simple answer, that is what I have.. But life isnt that simple.. We can read all the books, quote every social media peddler with words of affirmation and depth, but it is all meaningless. There are two types of happiness, momentary and lifelong.. The momentary happiness, I think we all have our vices.. A cup of coffee watching the sun come up over the ocean in Mexico with somebody you love.. Read more>>