Your life and your work present opportunities to learn constantly. Some of those lessons can change the trajectory of our lives. We asked some of the brightest stars of our community to share the most important lesson they’ve learned along their journey.

Ashley Peterson | Real Estate Attorney

The most important lesson i’ve learned is that health and wellness are paramount. As lawyers, we work hard every day in our jobs to achieve success, money, and notoriety. It is no surprise that achieving these goals often comes at the cost of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Too often, we forget to focus on our personal health and well-being, which somehow gets brushed aside in the legal profession. The legal industry has trained us to become emotional and analytical counselors for our clients which can be draining, demands us to meet deadlines and rigid time schedules, and encourages spending long hours in the office. Read more>>

Jessica Newman | Artist

Many artists dream of quitting their day job to devote themselves to their art fulltime. Some feel this is the only way to authentically be an artist. I find that the opposite is true for me. Keeping my source of income seperate from my art is actually freeing for me. I am free to create whatever I want, and never have to worry about what sells. I don’t have to take comissions if I don’t want to, and I am free to experiment with new media and ideas as I choose. I am also lucky to have a career that I love, that pays the bills, so that my art is something I do out of love and never out of need. Read more>>

Lauren Freiser | Animal Sanctuary Owner

The most important lesson that I have learned along my journey is that 100% commitment and passion requires great sacrifice, but such dedication comes with an even greater reward: success! It has taken me a decade to swallow this pill. The ups and downs of running a non-profit animal sanctuary on the scale that we do can be very overwhelming and at times paralyzing. With that said, I have done this long enough to know that there is no benefit in dwelling on the negative or the difficulties ahead. Read more>>

Ray Vizcaino | Co-Owner

We believe the most important lesson we have learned along our journey is to be true to ourselves and style as well. For us it’s about creating custom items for our clients. We try not to be like everyone else because we believe we each have our own style and that helps us stand out. Read more>>

Adam Maxwell Townsend | Artist, Writer & Medical Journalist

Compassion is the most important tool in creating a good life for yourself. You must temper it with iron to succeed, however. Kindness and weakness are not synonymous. I could not have accomplished all I have, especially in the journalistic field, just through being a nice guy. Your goals must be compassionate and for the betterment of your fellow citizens and humans, but you must pursue them aggressively with sharp elbows. The liars and thieves will run you over if you let them. Read more>>

Kaitlin Lopez | Photographer & Small Business Owner

Life is full of lessons. Our journey’s teach us new things constantly, but there is definitely one thing that sticks out to me. You know that old rule mom & grandma used engrain into us as kids – “Treat people how you would like to be treated” – well I’ve learned that is SO TRUE. Soooo 100 percent, absolutely true. As a mother, wife and business owner, this gold standard rule is applicable and necessary in ALL aspects of my life. As a mom, my daughter responds so much better when I speak to her with respect and clarity in what I am saying. Read more>>

Katy Feiling | Illustrator

The most important lesson I’ve learned along my journey is just to keep going. Art is hard, and I cannot tell you how often I’ve thought about giving up. But don’t quit. Sometimes — most of the time, I think — the things that you are hoping for come at unexpected times. This goes for anything in life, not just your creative journey. I lost my dad almost three years ago, and back in 2017, if you had told me I’d be doing okay in 2020, I don’t think I would have believed you. But here I am today, doing okay. Read more>>