We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Sue Prescott | Wedding and Event Planner

The most important factor in a successful event planning company is customer satisfaction. I pride myself in guiding my clients to take any occasion and make it personal and memorable. I am creative in using personal items as well as rentals to inspire cohesive theme and style. Read more>>

Cat Warren | Fine Art Portraiture and Boudoir Photographer

My core values are the foundation of my success: 1) inspiring others, 2) accentuating & creating art, and 3) writing the story. I want to artistically capture the essence of women, specifically those who see the beauty and appreciation that arise from life’s challenges and lessons. By eloquently capturing their essence, I can help them inspire those closest to them to create their own story. Sometimes we need inspiration and courage from others to create the life we truly desire. Read more>>

Julie Ogilvie, Jasmine Bakker, and Tara Baxter

Artemis Environmental is a small, woman-owned consulting firm focused on biological and natural resources. If there is a project that might impact waters, wetlands, or special-status wildlife or plants, we are the ladies to call! Read More>>

Maria Salazar | Founder & Creative Designer

An important factor behind Arawayuu’s success is in our mission to redefine ethical fashion and invite our audience to shop with a purpose as we join the slow fashion movement. Additionally, our brand is proud to be born in San Diego, but crafted in Colombia. Arawayuu, whose name is inspired by our Wayuu (“Wah-you”) artisans, majority are women who make every bag by hand with organic cotton, encourages ethnic fashion through fair trade while embracing boho-chic styles. The intricate bag designs are traditional to the area and feature tapestry crochet patterns, geometric compositions, and pineapple imagery, as reflected in Arawayuu’s logo. Read more>>

Justin, Dustin, Joe Junior, Ghaul, Ciafardoni | Just a couple of hacks looking to make some our mark on the golf industry!

Palm was founded with the intention to produce an incredibly unique product, and fill a void in the space that wasn’t yet occupied or oversaturated. We knew we could make the golf glove better, and so our aim was to bring an incredibly unique, and fresh take on gloves, while still meeting the standards of the industry leaders with this product. It was important to us to be the first to make an incredibly different golf glove compared to what already existed in the space, seeing that the game of golf was evolving, we wanted to be one of the leaders in that movement for product. Beyond the product itself, Palm aims to provide exceptional customer service and to speak directly to our audiences wants and needs for product. We feel these values separate us from the pack and is the driving force of our success thus far. Read more>>