We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Louis & Sasha Roberts | Owners of Coastal Voyages LLC.

The most important factor behind our success is the fact that we get to problem solve for people who need assistance with booking travel, never traveled before, or would like to have a quality vacation. We enjoy being able to assist in making the process of going on vacation easier for our clients. Read more>>

Patrick McCuen | @Stokedpat – Tiktok

I think the success of my creative endeavors are twofold: 1 is to be consistent and 2 is to have fun. I think neither can survive without the other. If you are consistent, but not enjoying yourself, It could very easily lend itself to burnout. If you’re having a blast doing what you’re doing, the ideas will continue to flow and there won’t be any problem being consistent. Read more>>

Tammy Ng | Product Photographer

Having an abundance mindset, determination, and discipline have all played a tremendous role in my business, Glow Studeo. The ability to see limitless potential in life and intentionally drive yourself towards creating your ideal life is a very powerful mindset I’ve adopted. Conditions aren’t always desirable, but if I can overcome struggles —I’ll start to recognize my true potential and how much more I’m capable of. Understanding struggle is a valuable part of the success recipe that encourages me to not give up when times are tough. Read more>>

Brittany Sicari | Owner and Founder/Even If Candle Company

There are many factors that can contribute to someone’s success. Of course, there is hard work, dedication, motivation, good habits, wise spending. But those are givens. There are bigger reasons, that are more personal than that, for me. My husband, Mike, plays an incredible part in this. He continues to believe in me and this brand, when I can’t some days, or when I find that I’m too tired and am in need of uplifting, he keeps my heart afloat. My family, is another factor, who never fails to support and encourage. But ultimately, God is the reason for any of my success. When I first started this journey, Read more>>

Miranda Carnicle | Aesthetician & Owner of Rose + Honey Skincare

Passion! I think a person who is passionate about what they do leads to success because they care about their work. When someone cares about their work it’s much more motivating and fulfilling. Also, building relationships with all my amazing clients. Rose + Honey Skincare would be nothing without them. Read more>>

Jason Vego | Startup Founder

Hustle and planning. I believe that if I always give maximum effort, doing everything I possibly can to do my best work, regardless of how long it takes, my team and I will be successful. I consider my work ethic and passion for improving myself and my team is my workplace superpower. Simultaneously, planning plays a huge role in my success, because hard work will fall short if I run out money, lose key team members, Read more>>

Ms. Angie | Foster mom for America and beyond

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is to be able to reach those who are in need of encouragement and inspiration. It is my dream to be a leader among inspirational and motivational speaking along with social media posts that effect people in a positive way. I know from experience that so many women struggle to find their worth and having to fight throughout my life to keep my worth makes me the strong woman I am today. Read more>>

Sydney Edwards | Community Architect and Owner of Crystals of Quartz

Success to me, looks like smiles on the faces of the people in this community I’ve built. Success looks like helping others on their spiritual journey in life. Success isn’t about money or fame, its about knowing I’ve made a positive impact in the world and helped others connected and cared for in this lifetime. Read more>>

Miranda Remington | Photographer & Observational Writer

Being willing to explore without any input, without a project or a client. If you aren’t creating for your own satisfaction, you lose sight of your potential. You become hamstrung by expectations of others. I was lucky. I spent years creating without even establishing myself as a business. I had no clients. So I had no one dictating my creative process. Being a “late bloomer” in my field, I was also in a position where I didn’t need to be a “gun for hire.” Read more>>