We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them.  Check out their responses below.

Anna Lee | Wellness Retreat Planner

I am inspired by the power of human connection. My passion is bringing people together and building relationships through consciously curated events and retreats. I love getting to get to know someone’s true and authentic self. Real human connection is felt when you exchange stories, experiences, life lessons and can been seen and heard. I believe that we are all mirror reflections of each other, and the exact same lessons we might be learning are often seen in someone else. These days we are so “plugged in” to our devices, that we are disconnected from the power and potency of in person human interactions. Being immersed in the present moment in one-on-one or small group settings, allows for us to be creative, cultivate meaningful connections and be in the vibe of like-minded individuals. Read more>>

Dean Hall | Image Consultant

I am inspired by all things 1970’s. That era was truly the epitome of all things glamourous. To this today when I storyboard for fashion editorials and ad campaigns names like Ungaro, Yves Saint Laurent, and Halston are commonly referenced. I say “True style lies in the details” and during that time there was no detail left spared. My inspiration is also sourced from the music of that time from groups like Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Elton John, Eagles, Labelle, and more. I’d go so far as to say that the 70’s was the first time period that really embodied a lifestyle. Read more>>

Dr. Erica Wollerman | Psychologist & Founder

I am deeply inspired by my clients. As a therapist, I hold so much respect for my clients in their ability to connect with themselves, to share their lives with me, and to work on improving their lives even when things are so challenging. It is an unbelievable honor for me to walk with them through these parts of their lives and help them understand themselves and their choices even more. I know that change is so deeply challenging and each day, I have people who show up to try and make changes with my support. I find this to be incredibly inspirational! Read more>>