We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Christina Davila | Yoga Instructor, Climb Instructor, Lagree Instructor, Boxing Coach, Movement Coach

I am inspired by those who believe in me and continue to show support for my passion. In moments when I have doubt, it always amazes me how a community or single person could remind me of my WHY; why I show up, why I keep pressing forward, and why I choose to make a difference. More often than not, it’s a random moment of inspiration. Sometimes it’s something as simple as someone showing up to one of my fitness classes to create change and being vulnerable enough to say I’m nervous. Read more>>

Braeden Pato | Adventure Photographer & Videographer

Something that keeps me inspired with my art is seeing the content that others are producing. There are many large creators who I have looked up to for a large part of my life. With that being said, it is also my friends that inspire me. Through what I do I have met a great community of creators such as myself and seeing their work inspires me to be great. Read more>>

Raiventures | Sibling Creatives

As siblings, our inspiration is family. Our main goal is to support each other’s individual growth while also growing together. We strive to serve as motivation for one another, working on lasting projects and seeing how far we can go creatively. We may not always have a clear picture of what the end result may be, but we aim to enjoy the experience. Capturing family memories and candid moments has always been a big part of our lives. Read more>>

Cindy Jimenez | Owner & Creative Director of Braco and Papel Tapiz Tijuana

In one word, I would say ‘people’ inspire me the most. I am not only inspired by the team I work with, but also the people I work for. I had not realized how inspiring a group of coworkers could be and how impactful my role as a leader could be as well. I see the importance that my business has on their lives. Even though it can be difficult for a small business in Mexico, by offering good benefits and a strong work culture, I am impacting their lives, and they can transmit this positivity to aspects outside of work. Read more>>

Alex Austin | Small Business CPA Extraordinaire

What inspires me are people who choose to take the less conventional path in life. Our corporation dominated world is also forged by people who also chose the unconventional path. The unconventional path often takes the form of betting on oneself as opposed to the comfort of a regular paycheck. I have been fortunate growing up in San Diego, around several entrepreneurs who struck out to find success and were able to do so. Read more>>

Jeff Crume | Transformational Speaker & Life Coach | Thought Leader

Empowering people to believe in themselves enough to live their dreams. To encourage others who feel less-than, broken, lost, or insignificant. To help them discover their own self worth and confidence to achieve their dreams. To help someone find hope who has lost all hope. Read more>>