We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Michelle Flores Mayra García | Graphic designers & small business owners

We’re inspired by the magic in everyday life. We both love plants and crystals and learning about their properties so that’s one thing that we have integrated in the making of our candles. We can be very inspired by nature too. Also both of us have always loved Halloween and spooky stuff, so we sometimes get inspired by a movie or two. Read more>>

Ashley | Founder, The Bee & The Fox

It’s my sisterhood that carries me through. It’s Janet, who’s remained my right hand woman since the get-go, who always pushes me to do better, and who is always solution focused. It’s my sister who now helps with our newsletter while simultaneously answering my calls at 8 am to vent about dating at 40 or dance to some good soul music in my kitchen. It’s my neighbor Christian who ran our customer service before handing it over to my dear friend Kaili who’s an inspiration and an essential part of my life. It’s Sharon who’s a fellow single mama and friend and who styles all our shoots. Read more>>

Alex Davis | Film Photographer & Developer

I am inspired by community — by the imperfection of community. There is something so beautiful to me about all the different folks who coexist together in a space and how that affects that space — what it looks like, what it sounds, smells, and feels like. It’s inspiring to me to see different communities exist and thrive, most of the time in spite of so many different things. Read more>>

Mikayla Pock | Pre/Post Natal & Corrective Exercise Coach

I am inspired by others. I am inspired by the magic that is this life. We all go through so many different life changes and experiences. We all see life in a slightly different perspective. I am inspired each and every day by other humans, and the resilience and strength we all hold. I believe that once we ultimately discover that innate strength, we are unstoppable. This is why I became a coach…not just to inspire and help others, but to guide others towards that strength they’ve had in them all along. Read more>>

Elaine Zhao | Healthy Food Blogger & College Dancer

My passion for healthy eating began around the summer of 2020, when I was a junior in high school. The Covid pandemic had just hit, causing schools to close and making Zoom classes from my bedroom the new normal. All of these changes, coupled with the stress of uncertainty and isolation, lead me to resort to unhealthy eating habits as a coping mechanism. A few months passed before I realized that I needed to change my lifestyle; that’s when I began researching about nutrition online. I even took a short course regarding nutrition and cancer, which left me in awe of how much the food we eat truly affects our overall health. Read more>>

Blake Russell | Photographer & Electrical Engineer

I think when it comes down to it, I am inspired by people. The people we meet everyday all have different stories about life and different backgrounds, so when it comes to inspiration for me, meeting people and gaining all of the different perspectives on life and of our world is what does it for me. Also inspiration doesn’t always have to be in a creative sense, most of the time I take inspiration as something I can apply in my life everyday. I find that when I have conversations with people and experience their take on things and listen to what they have to say, it always gets my mind and thoughts flowing, which to me is the very meaning of inspiration. Read more>>

Jill Laing | Author

Nature and other entrepreneurs inspire me. Nature allows me to tune into my inner voice in the midst of the breeze rustling through leaves, birds chirping, and waves crashing. Nature provides a peace within that settles me. My most creative and spiritual journeys have been amidst nature. I am also inspired by other fiery entrepreneurs who share their struggles, wins, and how-to’s. I tend to get lost in my own self-doubt and hearing how other folks tackle problems, organize their schedules, and keep pushing themselves forward motivates me to keep on living my own journey. Read more>>

Crystal Dandrea | Crystal Kim Designs

I am constantly inspired by people’s experiences. When I first started, I was more focused on creating gifts that celebrated relationships with others and the moments that made life special. I knew people who were graduating, getting married, and starting families—so most of my products revolved around those emotions. However, when 2020 happened, everything changed. I was forced to take a step back and process everything that was going on. Read more>>