Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Nathan Okiror | Social Entrepreneur

Belief in those we serve as the right principals of the desired solution to the challenges they face has played a major role in the success we hold onto as a brand. This is embedded in the notion that an outsider or an individual who isn’t experiencing what you are isn’t best placed to design a better solution to the problems that you are facing. Working with women in designing solutions to their day-to-day problems builds not only a group of active problem-solvers but also creates a pool of active mentors and facilitators well placed to support their peers going through their former state of life. Beyond, this is the aspect of who the team players are and the value attached to their contribution. I strongly believe in the team that is at the center of our growth, as not only knowledgable individuals but a dynamic group of people with hearts, minds, skills, and passion central to the brand. Read more>>

Claire Becker | Personal Trainer

Building genuine relationships with my clients. Oftentimes people reach out to a personal trainer because something in their life isn’t what they want it to be. They might feel overweight, unhealthy, unattractive, and anxious about making a big change in their life. It is a vulnerable position to be in, and I don’t take that lightly. My number one goal for anyone I work with is for them to feel safe and comfortable. No positive change can come without those factors in place. If they don’t trust me then I won’t be able to help them become an even better version of their amazing selves, which is genuinely my ultimate purpose. And when we create that relationship they are able to open up and truly change in more ways than just losing a few pounds. Read more>>

Lexi Keller | Model & Business Owner

The most important factor to success is self-motivation. Self-motivation is defined by Merriam-webster as the drive by one’s own desires and ambitions. Whether you realise it or not, essentially everything we do for ourselves, and even others is stemmed from our inner most desires. Losing track of what we really want in life causes us to stumble, following, our ability to manage our own life suffers. I would know, I have personally experienced it. When it does happen, the only thing to do is to recognise it and move forward. No benefit comes from dwelling in the past, or the “what could have been”. With out the ability to self-motivate, I would be stuck in the same spot, absent of progression. With it, I am able to create opportunities for myself, and meet the goals that I make. Read more>>

Foxine Jay | Artist | Musician | Podcaster

To me, being successful in anything you do, is directly correlated to not stopping. My resilience and drive to create has propelled me to the success and notoriety that I have today. There have been more times than I can count, where I tried something and did not get the outcome I hoped for; with canvases, art projects, events, songs, and bands. Through these disappointing experiences, I’ve realized the importance continuing to push forward and try again. I have been making art under the moniker Foxine Jay for a decade and only in the last 3-4 years did people start asking to write about me and my projects, participate in my ideas and events, and acknowledge my work. When I set out to create something, I create it purely for myself. I continue to share and put myself out there, without the expectation of needing external validation to sustain my creative motivation. Read more>>

Simon Haxton | Spirit Tsar, Portuguese Bend Distilling

Our people are the most important factor to our success. Their hard work and passion impact every aspect of our brand and define who we are. They believe in the vision I’ve set forward and live the company values that connects us to our community. Living and working in Long Beach, I am extremely fortunate to be able to recruit from an amazing pool of talented and creative professionals. They’ve helped us survive the pandemic even after only opening 6 months prior. They will continue to ensure our success as we return to normal as we grow and expand our brand. Read more>>

Moana Poyer & Boston Antunez | Talk Show Hosts & Performers

Although our brand is new, the community in which we produce our work has been nothing short of supportive. The both of us strive to put out creative work and invite our audience to learn more about the theatre industry. Whether it be local actors, casting directors, agents or broadway professionals, we want our audience to understand the ins and the outs of the business. In these troubling times of the pandemic, it has been crucial to the two of us to have a creative outlet and The Theatre Project has done just that! Not only for the two of us, but the community around us. Read more>>

Samantha Ginn | Inclusion Specialist

I am a theatre director for neurodiverse actors. I am also an Associate Artist at New Village Arts Theater, inclusion Teaching Artist for La Jolla Playhouse and The Old Globe, and a private acting coach. I have created improv and acting programs designed to include neurodiverse individuals on stage as well as “Mindful Theatre,” an improv experience for seniors with Alzheimers. I also direct productions with my students every summer, and have created a program called “Mainstage Players” that gives neurodiverse actors paid roles in professional productions. What excites me about this work is witnessing how transcendental theatre and inclusion is for individuals and a community. I graduated from Sonoma State Univeristy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts in 2006. After college I performed on stages throughout San Diego. While performing at night, during the day I was working in a severely handicapped preschool class. It was there where I witnessed firsthand how neurodiverse students seemed to love learning through singing, acting, kinesthetic exercises, and play-based activities. Read more>>

Taryn Holm | Small Business Owner & Future Mental Health Counselor

I know it sounds cheesy, but the most important factor behind the success of Jewelz for Daddy is having a customer smile at our product. The main reason I created this small business was to make anyone with an earlobe feel confident, loved, and empowered by themselves wearing their newest bling. In today’s society, there are thousands of negative beauty standards that drive people, specifically women, to question their bodies, beauty, and self-worth. The success of Jewelz for Daddy is to achieve a brand that is authentic, empowering, and makes anyone feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies. Read more>>