We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them.  We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dominique Hankins | Entrepreneur

I want people to say I challenged them to think bigger. Bigger than their neighborhood, bigger than a ZIP Code, bigger than their county, and even bigger than their country. I want people to see me leaving my foot prints all over the world, and realize that they can do the same. Where you come from sets no limitations on where you can go. I want people to Get out and truly see everything the world has to offer. You can go anywhere and truly be anything. Read more>>

Avery Greathouse | CEO

I want people to remember my beliefs and what I fought to bring to my community. I believe all should be safe, sheltered, and fed with proper and adequate medical and dental care. How can I ever ask for help if I’m not willing to help when my calling comes. Read more>>

Joshua Martin

I’d like to feel like I’ve built upon a legacy my father started. My dad changed course from his father’s legacy. One that was rooted in finances, principles and business. Nothing wrong with that but it was a pretty one dimensional deal. He pursued his passions at the risk of disappointing his parents and their generation. He encouraged me to pursue my passions. I believe each of us is born with unique gifts and talents. My mom and dad recognized those gifts and talents in me. In spite of the ideas they may have had for my path in life they encouraged me to pursue my passions. That path has included some wrong turns but those side routes have shaped who I am today. I love where I am at, what I do and who I am. I am a parent my self. Actually a grand parent now. I’ve tried to pass on what my dad passed to me. My wife and I have encouraged both our daughters to dive into their gifts and talents. It’s awesome to see them thriving in what they are so good at. Read more>>

Tiarsha Tiffany | Podcast Host

I want my legacy to be about my stewardship and generosity to the communities that are often overlooked or unseen. My passion lies in helping others to create a better life for themselves and to open endless doors of opportunities for them. My goal in life is to impact and inspire others. I want to inspire others to chase after their dreams and to know there is no such thing as dreaming too big. I want to inspire others to know that despite the odds set against based on race, age, or gender, with perseverance and dedication you can achieve anything! As far as impact, I want to impact as many different people in this world that I can before I leave, from small local communities to individuals from across the world. Furthermore, what I would want people to remember the most about me is my heart. I want to be known as someone who had a giving heart and whose mission was always to give back to others. Read more>>