We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Shane Faye | Cinematographer & Creative Director

This is such a good question because it reminds me of what’s really important in life. It’s really tempting to put my career in a box that lives outside of my life’s greater purpose, but I think the people that really leave a lasting impact on the world put the same passion and conviction into their work as they do in the rest of their lives. Therefore, I want people to remember me as a kind and hardworking person who used every business opportunity to leave the client in a better place than they were before reaching out. If it’s a business, I want the business to increase profits. If it’s a non-profit, I want the non-profit to increase awareness and donations. If it’s a social justice movement, I want justice to come one step closer to reality. If it’s a musician, I want their music to be heard by more people. I want the world to be a better and more successful place as a direct result of the work I do. Read more>>

Laura Lee Schafer | Art Director/Designer

What I want people to take away is that you sometimes have to think outside the box to achieve your goals. I have had a passion for animals my entire life, especially for dogs, and growing up I always longed to be a veterinarian. Around the time I was applying for college though, I had to accept the fact that science was not my strong suit; instead I went on to study graphic design. Even though I was not studying veterinary science, my passion to help animals in need never dwindled. My husband and I adopted two dogs from the shelter, but still I wanted to do more. Since I couldn’t feasibly adopt every animal from every shelter, I had to get creative. I couldn’t help animals as a veterinarian, so I had to figure out a way to help them as a designer. Thus Cartoon Petwork was born! Over the past few years I have partnered with multiple shelters all across the nation to promote adoption for animals in need. Even without a science background, I still found a way to make my childhood dream of helping animals in need a reality. Read more>>

Jason Severson | Dad, Husband, Golfer and Finance Guy

I have actually been giving this some thought lately. As I think about Primary Funding as a company and our team that makes things happen every day, I realize that the legacy I leave is important to me. It is important because a legacy, in my mind, is formed by how you handled yourself and what you did for other people. Most importantly I want our team to feel that the company we built together is providing fulfillment both personally and professionally. That means that it provides work/life balance. It means that everyone on our team feels like they make a difference, have influence and are appreciated. As it relates to the community and our clients, I want Primary Funding to be known for being more than just money. We want to give back to the community that we live in. This may be as simple financial donations to non-profits, but more importantly it shows up in how we handle ourselves. Read more>>