Lindsay + Austin Troncone + Moses | Designer + Graphic

Intertwined Presence was created with the goal in mind to be able to do what we love, with the people we love, all while making a solid income and spending time with our families. Our mission statement is, “A couple of creatives that aim to help others visions come to life through detail and thinking out of the box.” We are both creative souls at heart so being able to be in a field that allows us to express that is a dream. Our end goal is to be able to work with high end clients whether that be with branding for growing companies or creating custom wedding invitations. The interactions with our clientele is a huge part of what we love about our industry. Read more>>

Lauren Souter | Photographer & Retoucher

This question really made me stop and think because so much has changed since I started this business! My life is completely different now than it was a couple of years ago and I think my goals and even my photography style have changed along with it. I started out working mainly with families with young kids, and while I still do that, I find myself drawn more towards working with people in the creative field such as models, local musicians, start-up businesses etc. I am pretty much open to taking on any photography challenge which has led me to some very fun shoots over this past year! I really can’t wait to see where the next couple of years take me and who I will get to meet. Read more>>

Eric Portalez | Photographer & Welder

Talking about the future is always tough. However, it is something we have to take into account whenever we set a goal for ourselves, right. My end goal is to have a successful career or life in general where I can look back and know that I did the best I could out of what was given to me. For those who have helped me along the road or those who have had an impact on me, knowingly or not, I would like to show them what I have done. Hopefully, making them proud in the process. Read more>>