We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Lilli Morgan & Savannah Duren | Co-Founders

At the end of our careers, we want to have built a company and a brand that represents meaningful, quality work and has created unique and beautiful atmospheres to help improve the lives of others. On top of that, we want to enjoy every step of the way and accomplish things that genuinely make us happy! This past year, one of our favorite projects was a kitchen in Portland, Oregon- we were actually able to travel on site and see this amazing historic home in person before beginning the project. Read more>>

Hazel Bloom | Alternative Pop Artist

My end goal is to be a world-wide touring musician. Ive always wanted to make music that gives you a feeling of euphoria, and makes you feel fully connected with yourself and others around you. I personally think theres no better feeling then hearing a song you fully connect with. Hearing an emotional instrumental composition, mixed with relatable lyrics gives me a sense of euphoria and allows the listener to really connect to the artist. Id love the chance to build a community of likeminded fans and play music for people that feel the same way I do. Read more>>

Jianye Situ | photographer

I get inspired all the time, it could be a movie, a lyrics in a song, anime, games and other creator’s work and more. I constantly write down ideas that I like, and try to make it into my work. Read more>>

Dr. Jennifer Le | Plant-Based Entrepreneur, Pharmacist, Professor and Mom

As an entrepreneur, healthcare provider, professor and, most importantly, mom of two boys, I resonate with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” My boys inspire me to serve healthy food every day. Since we love sweets, I decided to believe and live my dream in opening a plant-based bakery and donut shop to enjoy with them — and now to everyone in the United States. Read more>>

SHELLY MONROE | black single mother of 5 breaking free from poverty

No longer living in poverty and not allowing my children to have to worry about money issues when they grow up i’ve loss over 50 pounds and my goal is to inspire the uninspired give hope to women all over the world and let them know that being a parent doesn’t mean that we have to lose ourself we can can get our sexy back . Read more>>

Nick Price | Pop Americana Artist and Owner

I’m comfortably aware that this might shock, scare, or puzzle others – but I’m inspired by death. And not in a gruesome or horrific way. Rather I know that I will die someday. Death has given me a reason to be motivated and propel myself positively forward. Although it does give me a fair amount of anxiety to know this, but what thinking about my death has inspired me to do is to ‘act’. Act on my passions and to seize every moment that I can. And simply act on the necessary steps that I confidently believe create a better version of myself for not just me, but others that I love. Read more>>

Roxy Falsafi | Videographer & Photographer

I’m Roxy Falsafi and I have been practicing freelance videography and photography for the past four years. Over this time I have become an editor for my own work along with working for others as well. I began filming lifestyle videos simply as a passion, but it quickly escalated into a potential career choice. When asked what I am inspired by countless things come to mind. The main purpose behind my work is to give anyone and everyone a reason to smile. To know that I have the ability to make people all over the world smile is the reason why I love what I do so much. Read more>>