One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Lauren Garces | Creative City-Wide Events Producer & Artist

Bringing fun, challenging ideas to life has always been the root of my inspiration. It’s the imaginative side we used as kids to create new worlds for ourselves and explore the unknown or unlearned. If we’re lucky and use our words well, we can describe what we envision, then build even grander realms with others. This concept of imagining ideas, speaking it into existence, then executing inspiration through actions has become one of the most powerful feelings for me. Read more>>

Amethyst Gonzales-Miller | Photographer

As cliché as it sounds, the world and people around me inspire me. My family probably inspires me the most. They have always taught me to work hard, question the world, and be kind to the Earth and everyone living on it. They have taught me so many important life lessons, and have never stopped telling me to reach for the stars. Read more>>

Lili Hidalgo | Artist 🦋

I am inspired by mother nature. Most of my artwork is a reflection of things I’ve seen in nature. There is no greater artist. Things that specifically stand out are the clouds, beautiful sunsets, the way light hits trees, the shadows of mountains, the ripples in water. I’m deeply inspired by the island of Kauai and plan to make it my future home. Read more>>

Araceli Carrera | Visual Artist & Dancer

I am constantly inspired by life and everything it encompasses, It is the way life shows up through all it textures and colors that allows me to grow as an artist and pursue what makes me grow as a human. Being inspired creates a space that challenges me, where taking risks and problem solving is present and alive. A feeling of discovery inspires me, especially when I navigate the language of art and dance. I find inspiration in everything that embraces and let’s go of me. Read more>>

Adonna Ebrahimi | Artist

Nature inspires me! I have always been a lover of flowers and they are the focus of most of my work. When I am planting flowers this is what I notice…they have a general, basic design that repeats in thousands of forms. And yet, each one is its own miracle of intricate shape, texture and fragrance. I find it so magical. A single flower can compel us to JOY. And when one flower combines with some others – of the same species or not – in a single spot, the result can mesmerize an unsuspecting viewer. I seek that power when I paint! Read more>>