One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Rachelle Archer | Educational Coach/Consultant & Expressive Arts Practitioner

People are my greatest source of inspiration, especially these three: artists, my colleagues in the field of education, and our students. Artists inspire me. Since I was a child, they have left me in awe. My grandmother was a painter, poet, and story teller, my mother a singer and pianist. I grew up surrounded by musicians, dancers, and perfomers. From an early age they taught me to notice the beauty around me, to revel in the rhythm of words and sounds, to use my voice for good, and to make the unique marks that only I can make. They taught me to be myself while also being in community. Artists continually take me for a walk in others’ shoes and help me see things from different perspectives. Artists help me heal, take back my humanity, and share it with others. They push me to be visionary and live in a world of what’s possible rather than whatever limiting circumstances I might find myself today. Read more>>

Paige Koehler | Musician

People who think and ask questions. Especially in a time like this where you have so much time to reflect and question. Sometimes it takes a pause like this to reassess what’s important and to find some cracks in our every day lives that we should learn to take care of. I’m inspired by the people who have taken advantage of this time to acknowledge hard issues and chose to take time to learn. It’s a time to pivot and move forward and anyone who’s valuing this crazy time in a way that will help their neighbors and community, I’m inspired by them. Read more>>

Rani Reambonanza | Filipina College Student & Small Business Owner

A lot of my peers and customers that have followed me closely already know that my biggest inspirations behind my work are nature and culture. Each of my collections reflect its own story, all cultivated by my own experiences and perceptions of the world. As someone who pays attention to detail, especially in art, I create everything with intention. For instance, my Feminine Physique Collection simplifies the female form to its most distinguishable parts, in hopes of uplifting women and promoting body positivity. My Muse Collection on the other hand, highlights the very things that inspire me– nature, culture, the world, my mind and growth. Essentially, I observe the world around me and create with it. Even if it’s just jewelry. Read more>>

Alysse Hogan | Food Blogger

I’m honestly inspired so much by culture. I love the way that culture gives us the opportunity to learn more about others, who they are, and where they come from. I feel like culture gives us the vehicle that drives us towards empathy and understanding. Culture has the opportunity to teach, educate, and inform. Culture connects us. All of the things that culture is and does, deeply and ongoingly inspires me. One of the most obvious and clear ways that we can experience culture is through food. Tasting and trying cuisines from different cultures excites me! I pursue anything that is going to help me understand but also experience what is different from me, and exploring culture through food helps me do that. The neighborhood I live in now is one of the more diverse neighborhoods within San Diego County, and I’m proud of that. I’m inspired by the varying cuisines and restaurants in this neighborhood that I will eventually try out and feature on my foodie IG blog. Read more>>

Carolina Martinez | Climate Justice Campaign Director

I am inspired by the infinite potential that the San Diego region has to improve everyone’s quality of life solely by transforming the transit system to one that is efficient, affordable and that serves low-income communities of color first. I cannot wait for the day when I don’t have to depend on having a car to get to work. It currently takes me 15 minutes if I drive to the office and one hour and 30 minutes if I choose to take transit. The pandemic is a portal screaming out aloud that we must change our life styles to one that is healthy for all and this needs to happen in the next 2 years type of soon. A transit system that actually works to connect people to jobs is essential to the region’s economic recovery, improvement of our air quality and climate survival. Read more>>