One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Taylor Moon | Contemporary Artist & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

I am inspired when I find uncanny similarities between unlike things or upon hearing incredible narratives of strength from unexpected heroes. Both sources of inspiration serve as a way to rationalize life and find new and interesting ways of looking at everyday experiences. If you are exposed to two things enough simultaneously, you will begin to form associations between them, no matter how dissimilar they are. In fact, the more inconsistent they are, the more inspiring and curious the parallel between them becomes. This is the crux of my artwork. Read more>>

Austin Marc | Music Producer/DJ

I definitely feel like I am most inspired when I am NOT making music. I’m the most eager to work on new stuff when I make time away from it. Things like biking through Central Park, going to the movies, hanging at coffee shops. Anything that gets me out of the apartment brings me motivation to get back in and work. Read more>>

Amaya Ford | Owner of Mya’s Catering Company

I am inspired by my Grandfather and daughter everyday! They are the reason why I do what I do and I am truly thankful for that. Read more>>

Elaine Martinez | CEO for DrivvUP | Foodie Enthusiast | Life Acts Contributor

Growing up, I have witnessed my parent’s amazing work ethic and compassion for people, Dad is a Vietnam war veteran that used to wake up at 3am in the morning, at one time walking in extreme weather, just to get to work. He would cook meals for families very often. Mom would grow vegetables in the garden and sell them to the local stores. They didn’t hesitate to share from our cabinets and closets, even if we didn’t have enough. I didn’t know much about restaurants until I grew up. A treat for us was the Wednesday . Read more>>

Cole The Renaissance” Douglas | Artist and Mechanical Engineer “

I’m inspired by my feelings. I channel emotional bouts through my artwork. The fun part about it, is I don’t have to decide how I feel, it comes naturally, so paintings flow effortlessly. Because of this emotional sensitivity, I’m very cognizant about who and what I surround myself with. For example, weekend camping getaways with friends in Idyllwild never fail to inspire my artistic drive. I’m grateful to be able to feel everything and have the privilege to change my surroundings to more enjoyable scenery. Read more>>

Rosa & Victor Rodriguez | Local Paleteros

We are inspired by our three children Tony, Gabriel & Chelsey. We want to be the parents that we wanted growing up and for them to experience life without having the pressure of breaking generational curses. We’ve put into work to break those barriers so that they can have a life with less worry and more success. They’ve definitely pushed us and inspired us to be the best version of ourselves not just for us but for them as well. Read more>>

Kaoru Kuribayashi | Freelance marketing consultant & Founder of Nippon Collection

Ever since I first started working professionally, my inspiration has always been people’s creativity. I am passionate about interpreting intangible values and spirituality that lie at the root of someone’s creative works. Japanese cultural traditions such as Chanoyu (tea) and Ikebana (flower) have centuries of history. I am intrigued by philosophy, virtue, and value those artistic practices have transmitted from generation to generation. Read more>>

Jessica DeOcampo | Private Chef

I am deeply inspired by the sounds that fill the space of our everyday life, the slow mornings of untouched wind and birds chirping. I also feel inspiration in the quiet bustle of a coffee shop or a traditional brigade kitchen. The blank white noise of humans doing human things, there is so much to observe with the connection of “noise” and emotion. How rhythms of life can influence our thoughts, being, and action. Not only in human form but including other forms of life like animals, fruits and vegetables and the fungi kingdom. Read more>>