It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Conrad Steinbrueck | Co-Founder

We’ve been working at building Modern Botanical for about 2 years now, with an official site launch on November 1st of 2020. And the inspiration for the business is a fun short story that I love to tell. So Modern Botanical is a plant business. Specifically, we try to make plant care simple and beautiful by designing beautiful products to grow plants in soilless mediums. For now, that’s a fancy way of saying we make plant care accessible through growing plants in water. Read more>>

Mitri Jones | CEO of Mitris Delights

Treat decorating and party planning came to me naturally. I didn’t plan for this to be my career, it just kind of happened . I started when I was young and as I got older I got better and it just became Gods plan for me. All thing’s celebratory excited me . I would throw parties for my siblings and niece and soon I realized that I enjoyed it and that I wanted to bring that joy to other families . Read more>>

Stephanie Stephy” Smith | Owner & Principal Designer”

Kings Consulting & Design is essentially a hub for all things creative. We offer interior design and constructions solutions to commercial and residential clients. I “unknowingly” came up with the idea for my business as a small child, believe it or not. Growing up in Washington DC, I was introduced to creativity, culture and construction early. My mother worked for a major real estate development company, and I was always on the scene… I mean; luxury condos, new restaurants and major retail project sites were after school hang out spots for me. Read more>>

Jin Kim | @coffeeaddictjin

The idea behind my coffee Instagram truly starts with my passion for exploring new coffee shops. I was a junior in college at UCSB when I started my coffee Instagram and it all started when I was at a new coffee shop downtown with my friend. I noticed a lot of people create food Instagram to share and review food, so I thought I’d incorporate that idea with my love for coffee. It was such a fun way to share all the different coffee shops I got to try throughout Santa Barbara, especially because there wasn’t a lot nearby. Read more>>

Rich Williams | President, Western AeroBarrier

One of the most important requirements of building a Passive House is to meet a very stringent building airtightness requirement to achieve minimum air leakage. Air leakage in buildings represents poor energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality. In building the first Passive House in Southern California we found that meeting the air tightness requirement was extremely costly, time consuming, and difficult. We did it, but when we heard word of a new and likely easier way to achieve the same thing our ears pricked up. Read more>>

Leslie Machuca | Account Manager & Blogger

I started blogging in 2019. The idea emerged out of a hobby I already loved; capturing and sharing special moments. Encouraged by my late mother to visit the world, as well as the motivation of friends, I started @my_adorkable_adventures. Through my blog, you are able to obtain ideas about places to visit and things to do in the Southern California region. Read more>>