We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Laura Donadoni | Italian Global Wine Ambassador & Published Author

Focusing on continuous education was the most important choice I made for the success of my business. In the wine industry you never stop learning: every year new wines are released, new vintages, new wineries, new styles… As a wine professional you must be up to date and stay informed. The key is to taste as much as you can to keep your palate trained and your wine knowledge as broader as possible. Read more>>

Will Chitwood | Owner & Head DJ

I would say that having goals and being consistent in working towards them. Since I was in college I’ve always made goals for the long and short term. Once the goal is written down, I figure out the steps to achieve it and then start working towards them. Read more>>

Rhami Aboud | Web Design Agency Owner

1 word: FOCUS When I started my business, we weren’t doing well to be completely honest. For the first few years we were just barely breaking even and I was all over the place. We were offering web design (WordPress, Shopify, Webflow), SEO, digital marketing and we were spread too thin. When I decided to really focus on one thing: Web Design using Webflow then things really started to take off! First of all, I was able to concentrate on the thing that I knew best which helped me as an owner in all aspects of the biz: sales, technical discussions, estimating price/timelines and more. Second we were able to start delivering extremely high-quality work and this is the most important thing you can offer. My clients were thrilled with their websites so they started sending us referrals and things started to grow organically. Read more>>

Theresa Wells | Owner & Lead Trainer

Learning to let go. To let go of fear of success and negative self talk. Seems odd to most. But there’s nothing odd about it. I have found over time that this is common with entrepreneurs. Especially us solo-preneurs. There are multiple “what ifs” that swim in your head and consume you. Such as, “What if I fail?” “What if I succeed and achieve all that I wanted to build?” “I can’t do this. I have to put time into the job I have or I’ll be homeless.” Negative self talk must be eliminated. We are what we think. We stand in our own way. I learned to let go of people in my life that are hindrances. That includes some family. Those that tell you to give up or that you cannot do it. People who question your intelligence and decision to do something bigger with your life. People who say they are your friends or family say they have your back; but instead, throw negativity at you. Read more>>