Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Sarahi Caballero | Photographer & cook

The idea arises from the need to work as a family without a daily routine and to have as much time as possible to be together and do the things we enjoy in life. 9 years ago I left the city of Tijuana with my husband, after learning that we were expecting a baby, we moved to a farmhouse on a mountain in the city of Tecate to live in tranquility and watch our son grow. My husband went to work in the city and I stayed to take care of my son and do my photography. I could easily adapt to the new lifestyle but spending hours a day away from my husband was hard, I wanted to do something together that we liked and make a living from it. We had a lot of night talks about thousands of things we could do but nothing convinced us. It was in one of those talks that the dream of the “horno de la montaña” was born. Read more>>

Marcy Morrison | Founder, Careers With Wings and Co-Founder, Passion Purpose Academy

Careers with Wings was born in 2007, Throughout my career and life journey, I have always found ways to do what I love and tie that to making a difference. Before my two children were born, I was focused on working in Latin America and used to travel there around 5 times a year and I loved it. However, when I had my two children, they are my first passion and purpose and I knew that traveling regularly for work was not going to work with my desire to have the flexibility to be there for my kids. I asked myself what is that I love and where I can make a difference that works with me being a Mom. I thought about how I always volunteered to speak at events about my international career and how people always said how much I helped them with their own journey and they encouraged me to start my own business to help others on their career and life journey. I thought about how much I enjoyed helping people, how much I enjoy listening to people’s journey and supporting them with living their dreams and helping them find out how they can make a difference. Read more>>

Taciana Thompson | Blogger and Photographer

I have been a photographer for many years, I started with landscapes then learned portraiture. I started my photography business, TNT Captures, in 2013. That same year we went to Iceland. While there my love of landscape photography was reignited. I also wanted to tell every person I knew about how great that trip was. I decided that I should share my travel photos and stories with more people so in 2018 I decided to start a travel blog, Life Beyond Zebra. So many people were surprised that we could afford to travel so much but we are just average people, I wanted to show others that anyone can travel if they really want to. Read more>>