Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Sofia Danielle Almazan | Licensed Esthetician, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

The thought process behind creating Elusive Glow Esthetics was very simple. I wanted to create a business with different channels of services that allowed me to share my story with everybody, that investing in yourself will always pay off. As I dived further I wanted my business to also have the underlying tone of you CAN have it all. Read more>>


I have been a Paralegal for the past 2o years and I have worked in different areas of law. Throughout my career, I have had an opportunity to meet lots of people from different walks of life and I always knew that I wanted to help other people in my community by offering one on one service. Specifically the latino community, because I would encounter clients that did not have the financial resources to hire an attorney nor did they speak the language and therefore struggled to obtain help with their legal needs. Read more>>

Tenele Zwane | A Crochet Designer

I studied fashion design to be a fashion entrepreneur; so I always knew I’d have my own business in fashion. However, I wasn’t fully aware of what kind of business it would be until the final year of my studies. I am a self-taught crocheter from the university of youtube, despite going to fashion school. But sewing wasn’t my strongest skill and I was worried I wouldn’t have found that THING that would make me stand out amongst the others. Coming into the final year of my studies, I had gradually improved on my crochet skills and decided to create a collection of crochet garments. Read more>>

Samantha Bove | Business Coach & Founder of ZenBoss Academy

The major things that prompted me to start my own business came from wanting to solve two major problems. The first was that I wanted the freedom of an online business so I could prioritize the things that were most important to me, specifically spending time with my family and prioritizing my health. It’s always been appealing to me to build a business around my life rather than a life around my business. The second was the lack of business mentors out there concerned with not only the health of the company but the health of the founder. My first ever “real job” was as the CEO of a health food startup and while it was amazing, I burnt out hard. Read more>>

Ashley Ryan | Brand Owner of / Brand Consultant for Team Phun

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit & an active/creative imagination. Since I can remember, I have enjoyed customizing things to make them uniquely my own. One of the first things I created was a custom Punk Rock Denim jacket for my chihuahua, Sabrina. I didn’t like anything I could find in stores or online, so I made exactly what I wanted. I got so many complements on it- I immediately knew it was something I should focus on. I am a huge animal lover, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone gush over how cute their pet looks in something I created, and I wanted to continue to feel that experience. I believe that most successful entrepreneurs are those that have a lot of passion for their product- makes all the late nights creating worth it. Read more>>

Randy Wasani Guerrero | Fashion Designer & Recording Artist

We spent years of our lives working hard for others. We learned and experienced so much over those years, we eventually realized that if we work this hard for others, we can work this hard for ourselves and have more control over how we spend our time and who we spend it with. After a couple years of research and development we decided to take the leap, pursue our own passions, and turn our dreams into reality. At the beginning of 2021 my business partner and I both quit our jobs to focus our full attention on building WE ARE WHOA ENT., LLC Read more>>

Kyra Foster | Entrepreneur | Black Owned

When I 1st started my own business in 2015 I initially was sitting at work thinking that I needed an additional income. I wanted to be my own boss! It took me a while to sit and think of different things that I was truly interested in and finally it came to me. I knew that I would have Success selling hair extensions based on how much money I spent with other companies! At the time I was working corporate and to be honest I hated it so much, that was additional motivation for me to try to find a way that I could be my own boss. I started thinking that I’m always getting my hair done, I wear weave all of the time, research shows the industry is growing, so why not go for it! Thats where I came up with Elegant Xtensionz which is now Elegant Extensions SD! Read more>>

Jennifer Marshall | Actress and Host of the CW’s Mysteries Decoded

Leaving the military, I was broken in body, mind and spirit. I wanted to serve for 20 years and retire, not get out due to circumstances far beyond my control. My entire life was wrapped up in who I was while wearing the uniform and it was really difficult for me to find self worth after transitioning out. Like many other veterans, I was dealing with mental health challenges. In my mind, I had two options – go to the VA and sit in group therapy and risk feeling mocked or belittled or audition for independent films that required a strong emotional range. Read more>>

Danielle Gordon | CEO & Family Nurse Practitioner

As we know, time has taught us that Health Care is a critical piece of any thriving society. When we consider how important this is to the United States, we see that our government spends at least 15% of the nation’s budget on the health of the people. However it is the quality of Health Care that remains an evolving challenge. Launching Innovative Wellness Clinic, Inc. A Nursing Corporation (IWC) was our way to do our part to help this critical and evolving challenge in the industry of Health Care. Read more>>

Gina Jacoy | Realtor, Serving the Foothill Communities of Eastern Los Angeles

To answer this question, I need to provide a bit of background. My heart has been broken… shredded into bits. And my husband Robert has been with me through it all and has been a quiet presence of strength, accountability and encouragement. Robert has been working in his career for over 20-years. When we met he was making decent money, but he used to tell everyone that he married me for my money. When we met I was working in a very successful career in executive recruiting and sales. I took him on lavish trips and money was never an issue for us. But in 2014 our son unexpected died in a horrible accident in our home. My life stopped at that moment. Read more>>

Katie Ostrander | Rancher, Mom, Advocate

We never actually set off to start a business. We had one goal in mind and that was to educate consumers by connecting them back to their food source. Several years ago, my step daughter was enrolled in a very urban elementary school here in San Diego. The school hosted a “Farm Day” and welcomed a farmer with his cow. The children were delighted as this was the very first time the majority of them had ever seen a cow, let alone a farm animal. Coming from a background in agriculture, it made me sick to my stomach knowing these kids thought their cheeseburger came from a grocery store, not a farm. I knew at that point agriculture wasn’t doing a good enough job connecting to consumers. Read more>>

Chris Hernandez | EdTech Developer & Instructional Designer

I started working in a school for special needs children over 5 years ago and my one constant thought was: “Why are there no STEM/Coding & Media Arts programs for special needs students and adults?” Sure there are your one off programs that will accept students that they consider “Rain Man-esque” but there are no universal programs for students and people of ranging developmental diversity. That and the fact that we live in a forever evolving digital world. Everyone deserves access to the basic skills and knowledge you need to work/survive in today’s time. Read more>>

Jessica Rabanzo-Flores

It was really total serendipity that lead me to start my own business. I had first become a group fitness instructor in NYC in early 2015. My previous experience in the fitness industry was as a personal trainer back in San Diego, getting my certification in 2010. From 2015 to 2018, I worked as a trainer and group class instructor for two different dance fitness companies. Read more>>

Rene Contreras | Chief Executive Officer BluLite Bonfires LLC

As the oldest brother of four, I innately strive to be a source of strength and empowerment for my younger brothers. The idea to start a business began when my family home became the scene of tragic events, resulting in the murder of my mother’s husband and father of my two youngest brothers. After bearing witness to the trauma my family endured, I was more determined than ever to wield our grief to create something positive; to build something that could be ours and that we would be proud of. Thus began our journey of building a business that would not only strengthen our bond as brothers, but one that would also give us the opportunity to cultivate change in our communities and environment. Read more>>

Katarina Simic | Founder The Neon Muse

I had the idea to make light-up apparel that mimicked traditional neon art. When I wore a sample jacket out to an event and witnessed everyone’s positive response, I knew I had to make it into a business. I was never satisfied working for someone else and following rules. I always wanted to control my time and have more passive income. Read more>>

Kristina Delaski | Owner & Creator of My Earth Potions

My thought process behind starting my own business is probably similar to that of other small business owners, I couldn’t find what I was searching for, so I created it my self. I wanted to make eco-friendly, plastic-free skin care products that were more accessible to the everyday consumer. Some years back I started to become more aware of the way we as a society have been creating waste and harmful chemicals that can last a life time and severely hurt our ecosystem, so I started purchasing a few “eco-friendly” household items and switched to a natural deodorant. Read more>>

Yamile Meza | Doll maker & graphic designer

Aside from one job as head designer at a brewery some years ago, it was really a goal of mine to be self employed. During university years I always planned to work for myself, the idea of the freedom of it was always appealing. For years I dedicated myself to graphic design, 24/7, but in the back of my mind, toys, dolls was something I wanted to develop. Read more>>

Nikki & Mandii Oakland & Kantor | Founders of Boho Picnic Babes

The idea came up when our partners’ birthdays were coming up. They have the same birthday and we thought it would be a really nice experience since we’ve never had one before. We put it together, bought the decor, created the backdrop, and it turned out amazing! We didn’t think that we would want to start a business doing it, but we joked how it would be kind of cool to set them up for other people as well. Eventually, we decided to put the idea into action and started Boho Picnic Babes. Read more>>