There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Saimy Patel | Fashion Designer and Illustrator

Only by overcoming obstacles are we able to learn and develop critical life skills, and it is these characteristics that will equip us to achieve success. You can change your mindset about the possibilities in life by challenging yourself and confronting difficult tasks. It is all too easy to live our lives in the comfort of our own homes. By pushing yourself, you will achieve new goals that you would not have considered before. Things that didn’t seem possible for you may now be within your grasp. Read more>>

David West | Surfer Skier & Solar Guy

Sunday planning and morning rituals, bar none. It is so important to set aside some time every week to set out your goals and plan your week to take the next steps towards those goals. I always prioritize what tasks I need to get done and when I’m going to do them. That way, I always keep the process towards success at the forefront of my schedule. I use an hour every Sunday to review my previous week, the high points of the week, write down what I learned, and plan my next one. Read more>>

Jesse Berry | Mom, Wife, Blogger, Ocular Oncologist

I am a 100% believer that hardwork is the foundation for all success. There is opportunity and serendipity and chance — but to take advantage of any of these you need to be strong and poised for it. The only way that happens is to put the work in. The best way to work — show up. People who show up, ask questions, are present and engaged find themselves faced with opportunity again and again. Read more>>

Laura Ford | Author and Entrepreneur

I think that we all have certain personality traits that bring about actions that are habitual in our lives and it is important to be aware of what makes us feel alive and infused with excitement and optimism in life. What makes us tick? For me, I have always been a very curious person and this curiosity leads me to push myself. I like to ask myself how a certain idea, project or hobby makes me feel or would make me feel. For example, when I learned to ride a motorbike, this hobby made me feel free and gave me a great adrenaline rush. Read more>>

Alan Bush | VP of Strategy and University Instructor of SEO and Web Analytics

1. When given an opportunity to do something you aren’t necessarily comfortable with, take it. I’ve gotten promotions and done jobs that I had no prior training in, because the opportunity presented itself and I volunteered. This gains new skill sets and puts you outside of your comfort zone. 2. Be the last to speak in a meeting. Listen to what others have to say and base your contributions on the collective. Read more>>

Anisha Shorter | Event Planner

Never giving up! Since the seed was planted in me to become an entrepreneur, I never gave up on doing just that. Despite the lack of resources, support, finances, u never gave up. When issues arise I take my time, never stop pushing, and get things done. Read more>>