There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Stephanie Gardner | Brand Builder, Marketing Coach, Content Creator

Authenticity! Authenticity is important because building a brand is difficult enough when it’s authentically YOU; imagine how difficult it would be if you were wasting effort trying to be something you’re not? Or trying to market a product or service you don’t really believe in? Being authentic has allowed me to grow my social channels quickly, and to work with companies that align with my values. I love finding different angles to help companies market themselves, and that’s so much easier when it’s a company I already patronize and believe in. Read more>>

Tom Thompson | Chief Revenue Officer

Our team members at Revol Greens always put quality and safety as the #1. Our mission is to grow, harvest and pack our organic leafy greens into salad blends at our location in Southern California 365 days a year, in a controlled environment, grown without the risk of outside contaminants or use of harsh chemicals. Read more>>

Daniel Johnson | Entrepreneur

Thank you for being interested in my journey. I appreciate the opportunity to share my point of view. In my experience, I would say consistency is the most important factor behind success. And while I do mean consistency in purpose and goals, I specifically mean consistency daily. it is essential to consistently find the one thing you can do to move your goals forward. It might not be huge, and you might not see the results right away, but if you consistently plant the seed of growth when the time comes, it will flower. Read more>>

Kaan Peksen | White&Melon Co-Founder / Clothing Brand

We believe in high quality production of garments from our factory and most important thing is the happiness and satisfaction of our customer. We are a customer oriented business which focuses on what customer wants and needs. Furthermore, We follow fashion trends closely to stay up to date with our designs on our garments. We manufacture our garments at an eminent factory in Istanbul. Read more>>

Sarah Tracy | Owner of Fit4Mom Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley

My family is the most important factor in regards to my success. Without them, I would not have had the confidence to pursue owning my own business. Quite honestly, being a business owner is completely out of my comfort zone. I have a passion for helping people and helping others make connections though. So when the opportunity presented itself to own Fit4Mom Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley, my husband, Murdock, talked to me about how my love for helping people would be a perfect fit. Read more>>

Taylor Allen | Creative Director

The most important factor behind the success of Present Iteration is creating awareness. At Present Iteration we want to communicate that all you need is less. Putting back that single use plastic, putting back those three t-shirts you really do not need, or simply just going without. We challenge our consumer to retrain the brain everything we were taught about our buying patterns. Read more>>

Kiah Hagen | Founder & Director

We created Pacific Pups Products to support my non-profit animal rescue, Pacific Pups Rescue. At the time, we (my fiance, who is also my business partner, and I) were funding my rescue out of our own pocket and knew that was not sustainable. We started manufacturing and selling fun, safe, and high quality dog toys, hoping to make a thousand dollars a month for the rescue, but the brand took off. Read more>>

Helen Plehn | Intuitive Painter, Spiritual Teacher, Holistic Healer

There are three key factors I can think of to build a successful independent business: 1. Know your soul’s purpose and gifts; 2. Showing up consistently no matter; 3. Communicate with your audience authentically and unapologetically of your offerings. First and foremost, you need an internal motivation to run your business. You need to feel joy and fulfillment to do what you do and offer your gifts to the world. Read more>>

Miles Chatterji | Photographer

I think the key factor, is not to think about success at all. Just focus on what it is that you want to deliver, and other things just seem to fall into place. After all, you won’t get too many opportunities without putting effort into your craft, when you put in the effort on perfecting your craft/style that’s when others will take note. Read more>>

Liz Nowell | Founder, Best Life Leashes & Digital Marketer

Without a doubt, the most important factor behind the success of Best Life Leashes is the incredible support and encouragement from our loyal fans/customers (aka Stripe Squad) and Rescue Partners (aka Stripe Supporters). Read more>>

Devin Hesketh | Tattoo Artist

There are so many different perceptions of success. Some people believe success is becoming very wealthy. Others think it is having the respect of all your peers. And then others believe it is popularity and public recognition. I am a firm believer that none of these are actual success, but rather the results of success. I think the best way to describe true success is a deep personal satisfaction with the achievements you’ve made, and a continuing drive to follow on that upward path. Read more>>

Gabriella Garcia | Account Executive, Group Sales

Born in Sweden, raised in San Diego, California I have extensive experiences in both the U.S. and Sweden, which taught me how to build relationships with diverse communities. When reflecting on my experiences abroad I recognize how much that time played a huge factor in my successes today. Having dual citizenship allowed me to attend high school in Stockholm. While studying abroad, I enjoyed skiing, traveling throughout Europe, interning at Universal Music Sweden, and competing in flatwater sprint kayaking. Read more>>

Moni Barrette | Co-Founder & Librarian

Absolutely the key and most important component to the success and rapid growth of Creators, Assemble! has been our network. From the in-house team: Board members, committees, volunteers; to the literally global network of creators, TTRPG community, comics enthusiasts, educators, librarians, pop culture fans, publishers, other nonprofits…we’ve had no shortage of assistance and support! From day one we’ve found ourselves blown away by how quickly and thoroughly folks have wanted to get involved with Creators, Assemble! in some capacity. Read more>>

Rob Graff | Cheesemonger

Consistency. Our success is based on a small amount of skill/talent but mostly hard work & showing up every day(answering every call/email). In regard to programs we’ve created – Academy of Cheese, Veni Voyages, Liquid City Cheese Expo – these are the result of a process that starts with an idea. Once you have the idea, then you work backwards to build the foundation. We constantly work & re-work the process until we get to where it needs to be. Sometimes we move on from ideas. We aren’t afraid of what people think. The risk is that people might criticize us and that is ok. Working through a process is never a waste of time. Read more>>