We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Eunique Deeann | Writer, Photographer, Artist, Doula, Student, Birthworker & Connection Facilitator

Slowbirth Collective is founded on education, support, and healing. This vision was developed with the belief that when people are provided with these founding principles, they are enabled to find their own empowerment to self advocate, make informed decisions, and therefore, choose the external supports that they need to lead their own health, wellness, and healing. Slowbirth Collective provides communal care for all people, but is centered around a birthing person’s experience from pregnancy through postpartum. My vision is to grow a communal care system that is built, funded, and enabled by community, for the community. I believe that every person deserves loving, nurturing, empowering, and healing care – regardless of the details of their life’s journey or their financial means. This is why I have built this model based on a sliding scale platform and created the Slowbirth Scholarship fund. Read more>>

Gennifer Rose | California Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator

Our blog is all about celebrating everything California has to offer, and so much of what defines this state comes from small businesses, artisans and entrepreneurs. In our guides we create content for wanderlust travelers, foodie enthusiasts and healthy living gurus. We carefully curate which products, brands and travel accommodations to promote, focusing on small businesses and giving back to the communities. Our lifestyle blog provides our readers easy and stylish and ways to spend their time and money locally. Read more>>

Carol Bender | Nurse Practitioner & Founder

Our business is more than just a clinic – we are transforming the future of medicine. We promote the body’s own regenerative potential to heal itself. We strive to use the most advanced scientific research supporting natural and bio-identical methods of care, keeping the body healthy and/or restoring the body to an optimal level of health. We believe regenerative medicine is the answer to the opioid epidemic, and that the stellate ganglion block procedure that we perform is one of the most powerful tools to alleviate human suffering. By reducing the number of individuals living with chronic pain or post-traumatic stress disorder/injury (PTSD/PTSI), our growing field of medicine has the potential to curb the number of deaths and suicides worldwide. We aim to promote awareness of this new field of regenerative medicine through top-quality care, case studies, research publications and – above all – outstanding results for our clients. Read more>>

Marguerite Baca | Edutainer & LIfe Skills Consultant

Since childhood I enjoyed creating and producing, whether it was learning to sew with a pattern to make my first raggedy Ann doll, or casting other kids in the neighborhood and directing them in sketches, creative activities put me into a joyful meditative flow. Following a creative project to completion has always been satisfying. As I carried this quality into adulthood I observed that those without a creative sense of purpose lacked focus. With their scattered energy, they were more susceptible to slip into self destructive circumstances, habits, moods and inflict needless harm onto others, especially those whom they felt jealous of. It became clear to me that when a person knows that they, like anybody else, are in this world to discover, express and fulfill their contribution to the world, they become a safe, generous person. Read more>>

Marcela Celorio | Ambassador

A a Mexican Diplomat in the United States I work tirelessly to provide information, assistance and protection to the Mexican nationals to migrate to this country. Is important to stress that we encourage people to be law abiding citizens. Yes, there are many undocumented migrants but that is due to the fact that their labor is needed, the Pandemic just showed us their importance. It is urgent to provide these people, who risk their lives every day, pay taxes, have American children, with the possibility to make amends and apply for their regular status. Read more>