Our mission is to help shift the balance of power between big business and small business in favor of small business, so we’re often trying to get conversations going around topics that affect small business. One area where small businesses are potentially at a disadvantage is technology because so many tech companies are focused on “enterprise” level tech solutions that are out of reach for many small business owners. Our hope with this piece is to get a conversation stated around tech and small business, so we asked local entrepreneurs about the role tech plays in their business.

Brice Holmes | Entrepreneur

As an online platform, technology is at the heart of everything we do in our business. ONtrepreneur Academy employs a wide variety of tech in our products, services, and internal processes — from automated systems to SaaS products, artificial intelligence to data science. Aside from the human component, technology is probably the single most important contributor to our success. We’re in an incredible era right now for both business and technology. Read more>>

Linda Caro | Owner

Technology plays a huge role in my business because it is how I connect with 99% of my clients. Whether it be social media, email, or via my website, I’m able to connect with my clients and go over specific details of orders. Because of smart phones, I’m able to respond to clients almost immediately anywhere I’m at. Most clients tell me how thankful they are that I respond so quickly. I am able to do that because of technology. Read more>>

Melissa Bersamina | Spiritual Teacher & Healer

My entire business is now based online. The Modern Goddess Circles have gone from in-person to video call. These Modern Goddess Circles are sacred gatherings where women come together for group energy healing, meditation, and the setting of intentions with the new moon. I see clients for 1:1 Empowering Healing Sessions and spiritual life coaching on video calls. I’m also fortunate to teach others how to become energy healing practitioners on video calls. Read more>>

Elena Karavodin | Artist, Illustrator & Painter

Technology plays many roles in my art. Starting at the creation of my art, I use tools such as sketching on my iPad to piecing together ideas and visions, even testing various compositions. Implementing this process has a satisfying immediacy, which comes in handy when I have a limited amount of time to create. Once, I have a vague idea created, I can use that as a rough reference for a new painting. On the business side of art, technology is incredible important. Creating a space where my art can be seen and sold, via my personal website, or submissions to galleries and shows. Read more>>