We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Hei-ock Kim | Founder and Executive Director, Kim Center for Social Balance

The Kim Center is dedicated to accelerating the achievement of equal status for all genders in the workplace. Women are of particular concern because they are the largest marginalized population. The cultural bias that women deserve second-class status is still so strong that people just can’t absorb how profoundly women’s ability to succeed at work impacts our economy and society, even though the evidence is crystal clear. Companies that have more women in leadership are more productive and profitable. Read more>>

Brianna Bruderlin | Owner and Designer at The Fox and the Mermaid

Three of my biggest passions in life are travel/exploring other cultures, women’s empowerment and the environment. When I first started my business, it didn’t occur to me that I could combine these things into a job, it just kind of progressed naturally which I think is what happens when we follow our true paths. The Fox and the Mermaid sells clothing, accessories and home decor designed mostly by me and made in India and Guatemala, both in the artisans’ homes as well as small family-owned factories. Read more>>

Louanne Ferro | Hairstylist, TIGI Collective, and Salon Owner

Upon opening my salon doors, I knew that I wanted to give back. I choose to work with a nonprofit organization that is very close to my heart, the Friends of Scott Foundation. This organization works directly with children battling cancer. As a salon, we give by donating our time to do hair and makeup for their annual prom, offer gift cards for silent auctions, and give monetary year end donations. In 2018, I was given the philanthropist of the year award at their annual gala. Being able to support them through my small business has been on of the many highlights of my career. Read more>>

Ashley Mazanec | Teaching Artist and Musician

When something satisfies our senses, it stokes our sense of wonder and curiosity. Natural beauty is of this variety, and likewise an entry point for learning. Creating art helps to integrate emotions and intellect into a holistic, meaningful educational experience. This has managed to benefit my own compositions since my interest in environmental affairs was first piqued in 2012. The EcoArts program I co-author and teach challenges children to respond to mounting ecological challenges with grace and creativity. Read more>>

Abby Langholz-Aldava | Type 1 Diabetes Advocate

I’d like to think that my “business” helps the community and even the world by sharing diabetes awareness, specifically type one diabetes. Also called T1D. I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of seven in 2003. Growing up, I never had any connection with other diabetics around my age. I felt like an outcast, and back then, it was really difficult for adults and peers to understand my disease. To an extent, I feel the same way now. T1D isn’t how tv shows and movies show it to be. That’s why in 2017, I decided to create Speak Up & Speak Loud on Facebook and Instagram. Read more>>